Chapter 32

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I'm so sorry it took me so long to update this story, but better late then never right?

This song...I love it. And of course, I had to go with the Supernatural music video, what I wouldn't do to have a Dean of my own😍


I need to get out, I need to get something...or is it someone? Get them? Kill someone? I don't know, I'm so confused, something is missing but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. I feel alone, scared and angry, so fucking angry. Why am I so angry? I've been in this cell for a while now, I think I might have hurt someone and that's why I'm here, but who?

The lock on the door clicks and in walks a female, she has round curves and a hesitant, sad smile on her lips. "Hi Mads, how are you today?" I just stare at her, she's clearly the mate of someone important, the Beta perhaps? What was his name? Kyle? No that seems wrong. But why do I feel an ache inside me at the thought of the name 'Kyle'? Is he important? "I just talked to Carl," Carl? Yes, that's the Beta, "he found someone that might be able to help you, God, I hope he can help you! Is Anders still in there? Or is he completely gone?" Anders? Another name that makes me cringe, I wish this woman would stop confusing me. She takes one step closer, that's right little human, come closer. Maybe if I can get my hands on her they will let me go in exchange for her life? She stupidly takes one more step in my direction, she is within my reach now.

Before she understands whats happening I have lept towards her and grabbed her neck, all she can do is make a terrified sound and gasp for breath as my hand cuts of the air going to her lungs. Within seconds the room is filled with angry guards growling at me to let her go, "I will not hurt the female, all you have to do is let me out of here and once I'm satisfied that I have not been followed I will let her go." I make sure to soften my grip so she doesn't choke, if she dies this plan will die with her.

"Please Mads, you don't want to do this, Kyle and Anders would never want this, they would never want to see me or any pack member hurt!"The woman pleads with me he eyes filled with terror and tears rolling down her face. She might be right, something doesn't feel right about hurting her, but this is my way out, and I have to get out. I need to...I need to... What do I need to do? The anger once again fills my body making me tighten the grip on he throat, she makes a pained whimper and her face soon turns red. The wolves surrounding us starts to scream for me to let her go, telling me that I'm killing her. But I can't seem to make myself let go of her, I want to feel the bones brake under my hand, I want to watch the life leave her eyes. She is one of the people who is holding me captive, she is the enemy and needs to die.

A stinging in my neck breaks my thoughts, I lift my hand to my neck and pull out a dart, one of my guards is holding a dart gun. "Do you really think that's enough to take me down?" Three more men show up and in quick succession shoots a dart into me, that might be enough. I immediately feel my mind start to blur, my hand around the woman's neck is losing its strength, allowing her to tear away from me and stumble away and to safety. I snarl and fight the fog and darkness closing in on me, but I know it's a lost cause. The last thing I hear before it all goes dark is the females voice "Is there even any hope that Kyle can save him?" Kyle again. Who is Kyle? And can he save me?

Kyle's pov

I'm officially weirded out, I've been watching Leila and Axel kissing, touching and gazing into each others eyes like lovestruck fools the last hour. Those two are sickening, and so damn sweet I have to hold in an 'aaaawwww'. She is happy and she deserves that and so much more. Axel notices my eyes on them and gives me a surprisingly timid smile, one I happily return. He was a complete asshole and I admit I hated him for what he did to my sister, but he loves her and seems to have proved himself to her. If she has forgiven him I see no reason why I shouldn't.

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