Chapter Twenty Eight - Power of a Dress

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"There's this new drug I saw officers crate into the Hegemony loading ports a few weeks ago," Kennet disclosed to her as they move towards the room with many screens.

"What is the Hegemony?"

"It's the same as the Acquiescence, only born and raised Revive trainees board it."

It was silly for her to think the Acquiescence was the only one of it's kind. Of course the Revive had another trainee ships than the one she was on. How many more were there? That was something she couldn't worry about, not right now. She needed to focus on what the Revive had planned for her people. "What is this drug? What does it do?"

"I don't know the name of it, but I overheard regulators discussing the drug with some healers," he typed rigorously on an old screen pad. It was so ancient the pad was at least one inch thick. The technology was so retired that no communications could track what they were searching, at least she could only hope.

"They said the trails would start within the month, and it has to do with memory loss. If I could find a picture of the label, we'll be able to search what it means further."

"Memory loss," she whispered. "Memory loss," she said louder looking to Kennet. "They are going to wipe their minds."

He stood there, furrowing his eyebrows, clenching his teeth. "It could be more than that, I only overheard a small conversation of it. I had figured it was for prisoners, to wipe their mind completely clear, to use them as emotionless officers." He breathed deeply, giving her a wary eye. "You need those resources now for them. There can be no more games with the Strife—"

"I have to tell them this. They'll have to help me once I give this information to them."

"It seems I've helped you far more than I thought I could."

"I will tell them you figured this out, and that they will reveal Hollie's location."

"Thank you but, I don't think they'll do that."

"They will, even if I have to threaten them."

"You cannot threaten the Strife," Kennet nervously laughs a little, shaking his head. "Here, how about we see how tomorrow goes and we will tell them together."

"Okay," she nods.

Before Kennet could say another word, Joosep approached in the doorway.

After atching Joosep up on all that they encountered he had so many questions she stopped counting. He only wants to help them, and she knows this. For the gala he even offered for her to try on some of his wife's gowns. He told the whole story on how they met, the in-between, and the end. She had died at twenty nine, twenty two years ago.

He kept all of her stuff, and she can understand why.

Now, Ava stands before his wife's closet, Kennet and Joosep just behind her. With a push of a button, the lights slowly light up the closet. There must be a hundred pieces of garments. It is so clean, it is as if no one ever wore them. Entering, she slowly touches the garments.

"These are beautiful," she says. She isn't lying. The clothing is all so colorful, lively. They would have to be on a cooler planet such as Ioae.

"She was brighter than even her clothes. If only you could have seen her smile."

She gives Joosep a smile, and he turns away. He hasn't been in here in a while, she senses it.

"Here, this is what you are really looking for," Joosep moves to the end of the closet, touching some switch on the wall. It opens, revealing dozens of gowns.

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