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People think that because we're vampires we don't feel the cold, but it's not true. All I'm wearing is a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. The morning fog on Tomales Bay is thick and wet and clings to my skin like a waterlogged beach towel. If not for my vampire vision, it would be impossible to see the blue-green tangle of mermaid hair jetting across the bay. I wish she would hurry; I want to get to the school meeting room where I know the fire will be blazing. I don't want to be here, but I cannot turn down a request from Headmaster Crumpet.

A hawk perches on a nearby branch and cocks its head. Obviously it isn't used to sharing a treetop with a creature like me. Even among vampires I am unusual because I can fly. Apparently this is a rare talent. I glare at the bird, and he spreads his wings and takes off.

I look back at the bay, and for a moment, I can't see the mermaid's hair. Then she pops through the surface. To my horror, I also see a herd of Great Whites heading straight for her. She doesn't even try to swim away as they form a circle around her. You would think the daughter of a math teacher would be smarter than this. I don't know much about merpersons. I did see that Sharkweather mermaid earlier this morning with her annoying twitter of a laugh, flirting with the gods. She didn't seem overly bright. Maybe they're all like she is.

I'm hoping the Fishwater mermaid is going to swim away from the danger, but she doesn't, and in a few seconds the sharks will be upon her. I don't even think, I leap from the tree and fly out over the water and dive. The water is even colder than the air. As soon as I surface, I hear her shrieking at the sharks. I swim as fast as I can, grab her around the waist and plummet to the bottom of the bay to get away from the danger. It's like trying to wrestle a bear. Yes, I do have personal experience with bear wrestling. A vampire backpacking alone in the woods can't be too picky about cuisine. This mermaid is seriously strong and not cooperating. I try to tell her I'm here to rescue her, but talking underwater is not one of my skills.

As I'm struggling with the mermaid, the sharks have moved in on both of us. How can I keep the Fishwater female safe and fight off the sharks? One of them lunges at me, and a horrible pain explodes in my leg. The water is turning red with blood. My blood. I let go of the mermaid. The sharks are going crazy now. They're in a kind of blood frenzy like vampires experience just after they've been turned. I lose track of what is up and what is down, and then I feel my head bump against the mermaid's arm. The sharks are coming for me. As long as they don't bite off my head entirely, I might survive. But getting bitten is very painful. And yes, I do get the irony.

This is when I notice that the sharks are disappearing one by one. My jaw drops when I see what's happening. The mermaid is grabbing each one by the tail and hurling it out of the water, one after another until they're all gone.

Then the mermaid grabs me under the arms and swims us to the beach.

I'm lying there, a little stunned. My leg is throbbing. It'll heal, but if I had some fresh blood, it would heal instantly.

The next thing I know, she is ripping apart my favorite plaid shirt. She puts her head against my chest, and suddenly I don't mind so much. Even though we just came out of the cold water, her body is warmer than mine, and she smells amazing. What is she doing? She's pinching my nose and breathing into my mouth. Her mouth feels incredible against mine. I realize she's trying to do CPR on me. I laugh internally. How amusing she is. Vampires don't need to breathe, and our hearts are still, yet she is trying to bring me back to life. It's sort of poetic really.

I let her go on with the chest compressions. I can't help peeking at her. I can tell she is trying to check me out in a furtive way. I like that she is.

And now I do something I'm not really proud of, but she is so appealing, I can't help kissing her the next time she breathes into me. Her mouth is warm and alive. I was worried how she might react, but it seems like she is enjoying it too.

But all of a sudden she pulls away. I guess she figured out why I don't have a pulse. My fang snags her lip. It breaks the surface and a tiny drop of her blood drips into my mouth. It is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I decide I don't care about keeping the new kids alive. All I want is more of that delicious mermaid blood.

"Mmmmmm," I can't help saying. "More." Probably not the most tactful thing I could've said.


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