In Jay & Carlos' Dorm.

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Sophia's POV:

Mal, Evie and I had now arrived in Jay and Carlos' dorm room. As soon as we got inside, I had noticed Jay dumping out loads of electronic equipment onto his bed. I was just about to say something to him when Mal had beaten me to it.

"Jay, what are you doing?" Mal questioned, the son of Jafar.

"It's called stealing." The long-haired male responded back.

"Ok...What's the point?" Mal soon continued.

"Well...Mal, it's like buying whatever you want, but for free."

"You could do that...or you could leave all this here and pick it up when we take over the world." The purple-haired female exclaimed.

"You sound just like your mum." I said, joining into their small conversation.

"Thank you." Mal replied.

I soon turned myself, to now face Carlos who was playing on some video game console in the corner of the room. As I was watching Carlos play the game, I didn't notice that Mal had already started to remind us all about why we were actually here in the first place.

"Evie, mirror me." Mal then exclaimed towards our blue haired friend.

"Mirror, Mirror on my hand, where is Fairy Godmother's wand...stand?" Evie asked the small hand-held mirror that was situated in the palm of her hand.

"There it is!" I said, as I peeked over Mal and Evie's shoulders to see the screen. Which had now shown the magic wand.

"Zoom out." Carlos said, not on his video game anymore.

"Magic Mirror, not so close." Evie continued. "Closer. Closer. Closer"

"Stop! It's in a museum." Mal exclaimed. "Do we know where that is?"

"2.3 miles from here." Carlos soon replied, as he had started to type on the computer that Jay had stolen previously.

I quickly peeked out from the doorway to make sure that nobody was still wandering around the halls. Fortunately, the cost was clear so we made our way out of the boy's dorm room and down the empty corridor towards the museum.

Once we made it half way down the corridor, I soon noticed that Carlos had yet to come out with us. So I quickly called back to him, telling him to hurry up and which he replied with a simple 'Coming.'

Sorry its short. but at least it's a chapter. ;P

Goodbye for now.


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