Chapter 21

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The soft snore of Sawada Yoshiro could be heard inside the room together with Sawada Tsunayoshi.
The two were tangled up on each other, blankets and pillows are already on the floor.

The door hot kicked by none other than the jealous lover of the brunette, witnessing his lover cuddling someone that isn't him ticked him off.
Growling under his breath he not so gently remove the hands of the younger Sawada off of his property.

With the sudden gesture the younger twin was already awake and faced a possessive prefect who's already hugging Tsuna like a teddy bear while glaring Yoshiro.

'Holy shit, I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die'  he chanted on his head while gawking at the prefect. Holding a single tonfa on his hand while the other is holding his twin brother.

Eyes fluttered open and stare at his lover who's face is ready to kill someone, stretching his limbs and have a satisfying grunt when he felt the sound of his bones popping.

"Buongiorno il mio amore" he greeted Tsuna when he noticed his lover staring at him with his for like eyes the latter only smiled and stood up.

The sound of the kitchen utensils could be heard from the stairs as the slim figure of the brunette came down, the sweet aroma of the meals filled the occupants inside the house.
Stomachs grumbles just by staring at the said meals where plastered on the dining table a genuine smile creeped up on his face as his eyes softens by the view of their mother cooking while humming a tune that would sent you into a never ending slumber by the sweet tone his mother use as she hums.

"Good morning mother" Tsuna greeted and sat on the chair, silently sipping his hot chocolate.

His mother hummed in response.

"Tsu-kun you're father well be home today! And Maman needs to go to the market today because Maman needs to exalt the foods!" She announced, happy aura surrounds her and grab her purse, making her way towards the door but not forgetting kissing her twins on the forehead.

"Fottutamente cazzo di me nel culo assoluto" (Fucking hell fuck me in the absolute ass) Tsuna cussed out loudly in Italian as he stared at the retreating form of his mother.

He caught the glimpse of his lover smirking and hoisting him up to his shoulder and starts walking towards the stairs.

"Sono molto onorato di farlo" (I am most honored to do that)  the prefect said still smirking and loving the cherry colored face of his lover.

" W-w-w-w-wait Kyoya! That's not what I  mean! Stupido carnivoro! Mettimi giù dannazione!" (Stupid carnivore ! Put me down damn it!)

And with that the younger twin immediately left the house.

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