6 - The Monster : Part 1

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"I just really wish I didn't hit the wall that hard" I say as I close my eyes and try and not focus on that pain, but that was proving difficult.

"I'm glad that wasn't me" He says as he chuckles, I chuckle too.

"lucky because I feel like shit now" I say as I slowly open my eyes and look out the window, the sun was gone over the horizon, I had to get back to the Wheeler's house, Karen is probably thinking where I am.

"I should probably get back to Mike's house before Mrs Wheeler has a fit" I say as I lift the ice tea towel off my head, once it's gone the pain comes back in full force. I stand up and Lucas stands up with me, I hand him the towel but he pushes it back to me.

"Keep it for now, give it to me tomorrow, you need it" He says as he places it on my now forming lump.

"Holy shit thats big" He says as he runs his hand lightly over it "It's like you're got a second head"

"Thanks" I say with a giggle, I then realised he was standing very close to me, his face was was hand's length away from mine. He looks down at me, his eyes connecting with mine. I'm not going to kiss him. Lucas is one of my best friends. I kiss him on his cheek, in a kind of friendly way.

"Thank you for today Lucas" I say to him, he blushes a little and smiles at me.

"Any time Gabbie, go to your man" He says to me which makes us both laugh. I slowly replace his hand over the towel with my own hand as I walk towards the  front door. Before I open the door I look back to the boy. He was standing strong but his face was a deep red, mostly around where I kissed him.

"Try not to be a big dick tomorrow, yeah?" I say to him, half joking half serious.

"I'll try" He says with a laugh, I giggle as I open the door and wave goodbye to him, he waves back. I shut the door in front of me and start walking to Mike's house, there is 2 streetlamp lighting the street, other then that it's pitch black, since it was almost winter the days were shorter and night came earlier. Lucky, it's next-door so it wasn't a long walk at all. As I walk along the footpath a see a car pull up, it's headlight were shining bright as a guy got out the car and ran towards the wheeler household. I watched him and saw who it was, It was Steve Harrington. Which confuses me, is Nancy with Jonathan or Steve, I'll have to ask her.

I walk to the front door and walk inside, as I do I hide the tea towel under my jacket, I didn't want Mrs Wheeler to see with it, she'll only get worried and I don't want her to worry. I look down the hall and see her in the kitchen. She notices me and says hello, I say hi back.

"Mike is down in the basement, where were you if you don't mind me asking love" She says as she walks towards me, the ice in the tea towel was making my stomach very cold and making me very uncomfortable but I tried to not show it. 

"I-i was just at Lucas'" I say to her and she nods her head.

"Alright, you and Mike should head to bed soon, it's been an hard day for all of us" She says as she rubs my shoulder, which makes my head move, I try to stay still but the pain increases. She walks back to the kitchen and I walk down to the basement. 

As I walk down the stairs I see Mike in the corner where Eleven's bed was, he was kicking it. Where's Eleven? What is happening?

"Uh Mike" I say to him. He jumps a little and turns around, he had tears flowing down his face, he looked shocked as he quickly tried to wipe his eyes. 

"Gabbie, oh my god, are you okay?" He says as he walks over to me as I stand at the bottom of the stairs "I'm so so so sorry for what I did I wasn't even think" He says

"Its okay Mike, I'm sorry too, I shouldn't of said those things"

"I shouldn't did what I did" Mike says, as he does I take the tea towel out my jacket and place it on my head, he looks at me with a worried expression.

"Holy shit is it that bad?" He asks as he looks at it.

"Well I was flown into a wall, by the way where is Eleven?" I ask as I look around the basement. I would think she would be here, she never really left Mike's side.

"She ran away after I yelled at her for hurting you" Mike says as he looks to the ground.

"Oh" is all I could say, he really yelled at her, because of me? I thought he would side with her to the end. Which makes me think, does he even still like me? Does he like Eleven?

"Yeah, even though I wish she was here, I don't regret saying what I said, but I shouldn't of scared her, I just couldn't help myself when I saw you unconscious" He says looking at me.

"Can I ask you something?" I say to softly

"Of course"

"Do you still like me?" I ask, I needed to know, after today I'm not to sure, and I'm probably sure he wasn't sure if I still liked him, which I do. I just don't want to lose him again. Even if we won't be what we were, we could still be best friends, I just don't want anything to leave.

Mike stands there for a while in silence thinking the question over then he looks at me straight in the eyes then leans in and kisses me. It all happened so fast I didn't even except it, but I kissed back. It was magical kissing him again, even though for a few hours I hated his guts I still needed him. I guess I got my answer. He pulls away and smiles at me, he wraps his arms around my waist and holds me tight.


Too Cheesy?

Or not Cheesy enough?

Sorry, this chapter is pretty short, but I could only do so much before the exciting stuff happens.

I really like Lucas' and Gabbie's relationship, like a brother and sister relationship, I was actually planning to take them to the next level a while back, but I thought of something else. But I'm still very happy with how this turned out.

Now, I don't know about the ending, I don't know if it feels right for Gabbie to go back to Mike so quickly, she does explain why, but I feel it's not good enough and we will see where that goes in episode 8.....

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- Sarah :D 

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