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Jeno sat at his easel, beginning to mix different shades of paint on his wooden pallet.
His best friend however, was struggling to put up the easel. Every time Jaemin manages to get one part where he wanted it, another part would move without him even having to touch it.

"Yah!" He shouts causing the older boy to look up from his pallet of freshly mixed blues and purples.
"Help me with this will you?" Jaemin demands as he tries his best to keep the easel upright.

Jeno let out a sight before placing his pallet on his stool and standing to help out his friend. "Why did you even take art class if you don't even know how to set up an easel properly?" The dark haired boy mumbles as he tightens the correct places of the wood in place.

"You know exactly why I took this subject hyung, it isn't rocket science" the younger boy retorts, smiling as Jeno sits back down on his stool and continues to mix his paint pigments.

"You probably would have been better at rocket science".

"Jeno your no fun! Have you never been in love before?" Jaemin says in a dreamy tone as he keeps his gaze glued to the quiet brunette at the back of the room who was testing out canvas sizes.

"No and neither have you" with that Jeno stands up to set his canvas on the wooden frame.

Before Jaemin could shoot back an argument the teacher walks into the room, causing silence to wash over the class.

"Good morning" the teacher says as he tucks a paintbrush behind his ear.
The class mumbles a response, wanting  to get on with their work.

"So remember you have a week to finish your final pieces for this project before we start group projects. I don't want you to rush these paintings as they count as 20 percent of your final grade for the year." His voice bellows through the bored classroom as he picks up a brown paint splattered shirt and pulls it over his shoulders.

"I do recommend using any free periods you may have throughout the week to work on your final piece, as full time art student you should be putting in all of your time and effort into your work" he continues.

Jaemin scoffs slightly "does this guy forget we have other subjects? Full time art student my a-"

"Do you have something you would like to say to the class Na Jaemin?" The teachers mess of curly gray hair falls over his eyes as he quickly turned to look at the blushing brunette.

"No sir" he replies before looking down at the paintbrush in his hand.
The teacher moves his gaze after a moment and plasters a lazy smile on his aged face "you may begin".

Jeno picked up his paintbrush. He started to lightly paint a composition guide onto his canvas.
"I swear he's out to get me, just because I'm no good at the subject I'm at the top of his hit list" Jaemin hisses as he starts to sketch and outline in pencil.

"Well you shouldn't have taken Art then" Jeno laughs, his eyes making a crescent moon shape.

"But I'd miss looking at Renjun too much" the younger boy whines once again glancing back at the brunette who silently worked on his painting.

"Jaemin!" The teacher yells causing the dazed boy to jump slightly.
"Wha-what!?" He yells back looking up at his frustrated looking teacher.

"What did I say bout drawing outlines. You go straight in with a paintbrush, if you draw outlines first you may as well be colouring in. Do you not listen in lesson" he lectures as he leans forward and takes the pencil out of Jaemins hand and walks away.

Both boys sat in silence for a moment before Jaemin aggressively picked up a paintbrush. "If I go to jail for murder, tell my family that I have no regrets" he hissed, gripping the brush so hard that his knuckles started to turn white.

"Just paint you idiot" Jeno laughs before returning to his own painting.

Once both boys were settled with doing their work, Jeno stands up and walks to the sinks at the back of the room to change his water. He swills the cup out a few times and rinses his brushes before filling the cup back up.

A figure stands beside him waiting to use the sink. Jeno's eyes wander from his drenched brushes to the boy stood beside him.

"Do you want me to change the water for you? I still have some brushes I need to clean" He asks causing the brunette to look up into his eyes.

"Oh, um sure" Renjun passes the cup over to Jeno. The boys hands were covered in green and peachy coloured paint. He must have been working hard.

Jeno quickly cleans out the cup a few times before refilling it with clear clean water and passing it back.
"Thank you" he shoots Jeno a small smile before making his was back over to his easel.

Once Jeno was finished cleaning his brushes he turns and heads back over to his workspace.

As he walks past Renjun he can't help but steal a glance at his canvas. A beautiful landscape of cherry blossom trees was spread across the white surface, the painting becoming even more amazing with each brush stroke.

There was no denying that Renjun was the best art student in the whole class or even the whole school.
Jeno couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy towards the older boy. It shouldn't feel like a competition but it does. And it makes him feel a small amount of hatred towards the boy.

Renjun has always seemed like a pleasant person. He was always kind and said hello if he passed on the hallway, but in Jeno's mind, especially in the classroom, Renjun is in his way of getting a scholarship to the best art university.

Once Jeno sat back on his stool he glanced over at his work. "I need to make this better" he whispers to himself.

He picks up his freshly clean brushes and started mixing more shades of blues and purples so that he could add more dimension, and got to work.


Jaemin leaps out of his seat once the lesson was over. "I need food!" he yells picking up his bag and running out of the room.
Jeno grabbed his backpack and as he was about to run after him he stopped to look at the canvas beside his.

A rose was painted on it. It wasn't completely finished, the outline of the composition was complete and the centre of the flower too. Honestly Jaemin was pretty good at art when he actually tried.
"That boy puts himself down too much" Jeno mumbles taking one last look at the canvas before walking out of the room.

"There's my favourite fun sponge!" A high pitched redhead yells, throwing his arm around Jeno's neck.

"I'm not a fun sponge!" Jeno yells back, shrugging the arm off of his shoulder.

"Sure..." Haechan says placing his arm back onto the older boys shoulder. "Anyway how was your lesson?"

"We're doing final pieces so pretty boring" he replies with a smile causing Haechan to nod.
"Is Jaemin still drooling over that guy?" The redhead moves his arm so that he could take out his money from his pocket.

"Honestly that boy is so over the top" he mumbles as he gets a canned coffee from the vending machine.

"Wow that's rich coming from you" Jeno laughs before carrying on making his was to the cafeteria.

"Yah! What's that supposed to mean!" The younger boy yells as he tries to catch up with his friend.

A/N:~ so that's the first chapter guys! I literally based the art teacher off of my teacher. The whole no pencil thing (it's stupid ik) he says this to me all the time.
I'm basically a Jaemin when I'm in art class.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Have a lovely day~♡

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