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Kaleigh's Dress

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I start to look through the racks of dresses and realize that I have no idea what I want. I've never had to wear an evening gown before. All I know is that I think I might want the color purple. Not only is it my favorite color but I have worn it in many photo shoots and thought I looked good.

I decide to head over to the purple section of the store. I go through the whole rack and notice that I only have two more to look at. I look at the second to last. It is a dark purple dress with sequins all over it.

'Yeah,  I'm going to have to go with no on this one,' I think to myself.

I look at the last dress on the rack. This one is a one strapped dark purple gown. The one strap would lay over my right shoulder and is made completely out of rhinestones. I look a little closer at the bottom and notice a leg slit. OK, I have to try this on!

I take the beautiful dress off the rack and head straight to the dressing room. I close the door and put the dress on. I look in the mirror and fall in love! The leg slit doesn't go too high, so it still looks formal enough for an award show. Not to be self centered but I look absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see what Harry thinks.

I change into my clothes and head off to find the other girls. Maybe they need help finding a dress? I decide to go look for Kayla first because she likes peoples opinions when picking out new clothes. Lucky for me, I know where to find her. The green section, but not just any green, mint green.

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