14. Risky Plans

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She should have run but the slight hope in her made her walk towards the doctor who helped her a little while. How did he find out where she was? Was Killian also here?

"Hello, Sir." She greeted with a smile.

"Can we talk somewhere we can sit?" He said looking at a new girl in front of him.

He saw the girl at his house and before this harms Killian in any way he needed to kill her before she creates trouble. Her dead body will be found far away from the town and he will never be suspected just like so many other times.

She followed him not suspecting a thing about what was going in his head.

"Let's go into a cafe." She said.

"No, I think you don't want to be caught on camera."

She nodded but felt a little uneasy as to how a doctor, the medical rule believer was so calm about her running away from home. This recklessness was not supposed to be in her DNA.

He stopped at a bench under the shade of the tree and surprisingly away from any cameras.

"Now Trisha you have two choices. " He said in a grim tone and pulled out a little bottle of medicine.

"First is that you go back to your parents and live happily ever after with Sage or you take this medicine and end your life here and now or I will report you to authorities which will cause pain to your parents."

Trisha couldn't believe her ears for a moment. She trembled in fear of who or what this man was?

"Why are you doing this Sir?" She asked in a small voice.

"Because my son is a fool and he is coming here to find you. He will be killed because of you." He said like this was a sane enough reason to threaten Trisha.

"I will never let him find me." She said trying to hide the fear in her tone and show some conviction in her words.

"I found you girl and so will he." He snapped and the look in his eyes was dangerous.

"If you tell the authorities about me, do you think I will go down alone." She retorted getting up, trying to create distance between herself and the vile man.

"Oh, you don't know what I can do. Your brother works for me, Ms. Williams." He gave a senile creepy smile.

"What happens if you die now?" A voice surprised her as Trisha was ready to almost take the medicine from the doctor.

Sage was standing there looking dangerous and furious. As much as she hated him for deceiving her so badly, it was a relief to see him then. He walked forward and stood in front of Trisha like a shield. Killian's dad looked scared on seeing him.

"Does your son that you killed his ex-girlfriend?" Sage asked with a bitter tone.

She was the girl who has Sage's affections as well.

"She was not a girl this society needed." He yelled.

"Then you should start by killing your son."

"He did not come here with you, did he?" The frantic look in his eyes was evident that he wanted to keep up the act of good father in front of his son.

"Oh, he is here Sir. It's just a good thing he didn't find you first. Leave now before I call the police for harassing my partner." Sage threatened.

"I will see you soon." He looked at Trisha like giving a warning.

As he left Trisha sighed in relief and her stiff posture loosened up.

"Are you fine?" Sage asked in a cautious tone.

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