Chapter 40

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(Baekhyun's POV)

"Your father was in a critical condition. Good thing he was brought here early. He is now stable but based on our diagnosis, he was poisoned. "

Poisoned? Wang Yo, even after many decades your still a demon wanting to kill your own father for power. Yes, I resent him but I never wished for him to die.

After the doctor left, I saw my mother filled with worries. I sighed before going to her side. Something feels different and I can't point out what it is. I should really limit myself from drinking coffee.

"Mom, everthing's going to be alright." I said as I patted her back softly.

"How is it going to be alright when someone tried to kill your father?"

I remained quiet and hugged her. I don't want to tell mom what's happening. I don't want her to worry. I stood up when Joohyuk and Jisoo came running. I think they just heard the news.

"Is father alright?"

"He's already stable, Jisoo." I answered.

*ring ring*

"Excuse me Hyun-ah. I need to answer this. Our neighbor is calling."

I just nodded as an answer to my mom.

"What did the doctor say? What happened to him?" -Joohyuk

"The doctor said he was poisoned."

"How is that possible? Lady Oh has been preparing his food for years already and this is the first time this happened."

Lady Oh. One of his ladies, but his first love.

"Baekhyun-ah. Did you close the door of the house when we left?"

"Yes mom. Why? What's wrong?"

"Our neighbor told me the door of our house is open."

"Maybe Hera just went somewhere and forgot to close it."

"I think so too. But I tried calling her phone but she isn't answering."

I'm starting to panic but I'm not making it obvious. I tried calling her but just like Mom said, no one's anwering. It's only ringing and ringing and ringing. I'm not feeling good at this.

"I'm going back home to check on her. Jisoo-yah, Joohyuk-ah, please take care of my mother for a while."

I didn't wait for their response and starting running out of the hospital. I want to stop thinking negatively but something's telling me this bad feeling is right.


"Hera! Where are you?"

I looked in different rooms, dining room, kitchen, living room and even in the bathroom but I can't find her. Where the hell is she?!? I tried calling her phone again, when I heard a ringtone from the kitchen. I saw her phone above the refrigerator. She even left her phone here. I was about to call my mom when an unknown number called me.

I answered the phone only to find out that this bad feeling is telling me where Hera is.

"Hello, brother."


Took me very long enough to update this story once again. Sorry about that. Anyway, 2 or 3 chapters (I think?) left before this story ends. Thank you to those who are reading this. Highly appreciated. loveya'll ♥️


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