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*two weeks later- Monday


"Table 2 needs silverware" I went in the back where Laura was

We haven't really spoken to each other since the night at the party, unless we were at work.

"I'm on break" she said

"Alright" I tucked my lips in "I'll do it"

"Yeah you do that" she said after I walked off a little

Laura's my girl, has been for a long time. But she keep testing me and I don't like it, I will beat her ass and still have lots of love for her at the end of the day.

"You got a problem?" I turned around

"Nah, you?"

"Yeah" I answered immediately "You being a lil bitch and I don't appreciate it, every time I ask you to do something work related you always got an attitude" I stood in her face

We had a stare off as other workers crowded around.

"...And what you gone do?" We stood inches apart, grilling each other

I waited a few seconds, then hugged her tightly "I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry too" she hugged back "Let's not argue anymore ok?"

"Ok" I pulled away

One of the waiters came in the backroom "Y'all, table 2 needs-"

"Fuck table 2" we said in unison "Awww, I missed you" we hugged each other again


"So where's Mekai? I haven't seen him at school in like two weeks or so" Laura asked as we sat at the table while the diner was closing

"He needed a break from his life for a minute, he's off bettering himself" was all I said. I'm not gonna tell my man's business like that

"So he just up and left?" She chewed her fry

"Pretty much" I nodded

"You know when he'll be back?"

"Damn nosy" I scrunched up my face "But no, I don't"

"I'm done bombarding you with questions. I just wanted to know what was up." she raised her hands in defense "Dominic was especially worried, you know that's his best friend"

"Yeah" I chuckled "Uhm...hold on" my phone started ringing

"Hello?" I answered, seeing it was Ms. Joyce

"Hey darling, I just called to check up on you. You doing alright?" Her voice sounded like she had been crying

"I'm doing ok. How are you? I know it must be tough" I got up, walking away from the table

"I'm managing...praying for him everyday"

"That's right, and if you ever need anything I'm here" I said, letting her know that not only did Mekai have my support, but she does as well

"I appreciate that Kyla" her tone sounded like it lightened up a bit "His visiting days are every Wednesday at 2, starting this week"

"The both of us can go at the same time?"

"Yeah, wanna carpool?"

"Most definitely, my car or yours?" It feels nice clicking with your boyfriend's mom.

"We can take yours if you want" she said

"Ok, I'll be there to pick you up at 12" Oakwood Institution is 2 hours away from Seattle

"Alright, talk to you then"

"Ok, bye bye" I smiled, ending the call

I walked back over to the table and sat down "Either you got a new best friend or a new nigga, and you better say it's a new nigga" Laura said

"It's neither, stupid face" I pinched her cheeks "It was Kai's mom"

"And she got you smiling like that?" she curiously raised her eyebrow "You keeping it all in the family, Kyla?"

"Shut yo nasty ass up" I threw a fry at her



Kyla was the only one who stayed behind to close up, she'd done it numerous times before and didn't have a problem with it.

"Hey Kyla" Calvin stood outside her job, leaning against the car

"I got a gun, I suggest you leave me the hell alone." She wasn't in the mood to play with Calvin

"So violent, I just wanna talk" He chuckled, walking over to her

"You can have a nice long talk with my 380" she referred to her gun as she locked the door to the diner

"Stop being like that, you know we mean something to each other" he grabbed her arm as she walked to the car

"You don't mean shit to me, but I'm sure you mean something to the people who gonna be crying at your funeral" she yanked away, unlocking her car doors

Her gun was in her purse, which was on her arm, and she had practice. She wasn't afraid to use it at all.

"I just wanna talk" he grabbed her ass

"Nigga" she elbowed him in the nose "Fuck wrong with you?" She watched him groan in pain on the ground before getting in her car and speeding off

Calvin was becoming a problem...he needed to be solved.

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-Carlisha 💡

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