10.0 Aiden's Art Of Driving All Night

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My arms are about to fall off by the time I pull into the nearly packed parking lot behind the Devonshire apartment complex. I've been in Boston before but driving from NYC to here at this hour has really taken a toll on me this time. Perhaps if I had rested a bit during the day like Scarlett had suggested, I wouldn't be so tired now.

Right now, though, my neck is stiff and I have forgotten how to move my legs. My eyes have been stinging for the past two hours but I had no choice but to keep driving. Getting out of the car now and stretching my bones until I realize I'm not going to feel better before I've had a long -- perhaps six-months long -- nap.

I don't know what time it is since my phone turned off a while ago and I realized I accidentally left my charger at home. My mind tells me it has to be past midnight, though, maybe sometime around 2 a.m. Seeing as how my drive should have lasted around four and a half hours, considering how long I was stuck in Boston's disastrous traffic ques, and having driven into four dead-end streets, I'm sure I've taken way longer than the average trip should be.

Grabbing my bag from the trunk and locking my car securely, I walk towards what I assume is the entrance to the apartment building. The place is bigger and definitely more elaborate than I had expected it to be, and stepping into Sidharat's suite -- which is now mine too -- I begin to wonder if I'm dreaming after all.

"Welcome to your new home," Sid greets me, his brown eyes red from unfinished sleep. He smiles broadly, slapping my back and ushering me into the apartment we will now be sharing.

I take in everything around me, the bright lighting illuminating the marble flooring and wall paneling. The elegant combination of white and blue isn't exactly what I would pick out at an interior-decor exhibit, but I like it nonetheless. The white couch looks comfy enough to sleep on and so does the dull-white fur rug lying in front of it.

"Sorry I woke you up," I apologize to Sid, barely carrying myself towards the door he points towards for me.

He yawns pointedly, waving a hand to dismiss my concern. His brown hair is disheveled and I can see the hair of his chest peeking over the belt of his nightrobe.

"Gotta get back to ... my room," he catches himself, smiling slyly. "Make yourself at home, bud."

"Hey, can I borrow a charger?" I ask him before he can leave me.

Sid nods, gesturing towards a set of drawers under the plasma-screen TV on the wall in the living room. I smile gratefully, walking over and opening the top drawer. I see a tangled mess of cords and cables, pulling out an Andriod charger without bothering to untangle the rest of the wires.

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