I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chp 18

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"I'm so sorry..." He whispered, stroking her cheek. His eyes held the deepest sorrow I'd ever seen. I backed away from the door. How I longed to have someone like that by my side. I pushed back the memories that surfaced. My emotions betrayed me. I rushed to my room, leaping onto my bed. I buried my face into my pillow, feeling a tear spill. I let my emotions fight for dominance and I ended up crying. Overwhelming sadness had won.


I yawned, a comforting feeling flowing through my body. It was strange, a first for me. Stirring, I felt that familiar pair of arms wrapped around my waist again.

"Galen?" I asked. He nuzzled my neck and mumbled something under his breath. "Galen wake up."

"Don't make me do it..." He said, groaning as he pulled a pillow over his head. I laughed and pulled it away. "Come on sleepy head, time to get up."

"Never..." I heard a growl come from deep in his throat.

"Fine, I'll just get Adrian to make me breakfast then." I said, sticking out my tongue. I slunk off the bed, turning my back to the bed and exited the room. My hand was poised in front of Adrian's door ready to knock but it opened before I could. Adrian's dad appeared in front of me. His eyes widened in slight shock.

"Um good night." I said, politely.

"Yes, night." He said, a slight smirk on his face. "Adrian isn't feeling well, I suggest you leave him alone."

"I'll be quick." I advised.

"Fine..." He muttered, brushing past me. I walked in the doorway, looking behind me to make sure he had left.

"Adrian?" I called.

"Mm yes?" He responded, groggily.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"I'm fine..." He mumbled. His hair was tousled from restless sleep, he sure didn't look like he slept.

"You don't look it. Are you sick? I don't know if vampires can get sick or not-"

"I said I'm fine!" He hissed. I shrunk inward on myself. He blinked a couple times then looked up at me.

"Oh...Sky I'm sorry....I had a rough sleep that's all..."

"Was it about Angel?" I blurted out. He stared at me blankly. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked that of you..."

"It's alright...did you want something?"

"Um I don't want to bother you if your not feeling well..." My stomach grumbled in response to my lie.

"Oh I see your hungry?"

"...Yeah since you're the only cook around here I was hoping you could make me breakfast."

"I will, it's not a hassle."

"I should thank you somehow though and since Galen is leaving in a couple days, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if....I became your blood donor." His jaw dropped open and he gawked at me continuously for a couple moments till I snapped my fingers in his face.

"Um Sky...are you sure? I mean...I kinda lost control last time, I don't want to hurt you..."

"After all you've done for me it's the least I can do." He became speechless and pulled himself out of bed. I blushed when I realized he was only in boxers.

"I'll leave you to get dressed..." I mumbled, looking at the floor. I turned to leave but a hand gripped my wrist. Taken by surprise, I jerked my wrist upward, flinging the person into the air and hitting the floor hard.

"Ow....what the hell did you do that for Sky?" I jumped slightly at Adrian's words.

"I'm so sorry, Galen and I were training yesterday and I'm getting my reflexes back in shape."

"God turn them off." I laughed, holding my hand out to him and pulled him to his feet.

"I kinda can't." I said, shrugging. "Why'd you grab my wrist anyway?" I asked, curiously. He couldn't meet my gaze and simply stared at the floor.

"I....." He froze and I saw a fang sticking out of his mouth. He looked a bit horrified when he realized I saw it.

"Oh you want blood..." I asked.

"Is that...all right?"

"I just asked you if you wanted me to become your blood donor, all you had to do was ask." I said, smiling.

"Doesn't it bother you that- " He stopped himself short before he could finish.

"That what?" I asked. I thought about the other times that he bit me. Oh....that...he made me lust...

"Just don't let me feel anything." I mumbled. "Make me sleep or something." I offered. He seemed to ponder it for a moment and then I found myself between the bed and him. I gasped in surprise as he pushed me down.

"Er sorry about that, I can't really...control this." He said and groaned when I tilted my neck back. "I'm sorry about this Sky..."

"No problem at-" He cut me off when I felt his fangs sink into my skin. "...all." I seemed to feel myself start to drift asleep but then was abruptly halted by a loud crack. My eyes opened and found Adrian slammed into the wall.

"What is the hell is wrong with you!?!" Galen screamed. "Don't touch her! You'll just take advantage of her!!!"

"Galen stop! I offered him blood! Let him go!" I shouted, pulling myself off the bed. I quickly rushed over and gripped Galen's shoulders tightly, trying to get him off Adrian. Suddenly I was pushed back, pain rippling through my chest. I yelped, my body skidding on the floor by the force and my head collided with the opposing wall. I curled inward on myself.

"Oh my god....Galen what have you done?" Adrian asked, horrified. Galen cringed, feeling my pain.

"I....didn't mean....to....Sky...I" Adrian shoved him away and shuffled towards me. He pulled me up into a sitting position, looking at the damage.

"Sky you need to go to the hospital no-"

"But-" I interrupted.

"You don't understand how serious your injuries are, we're going now." He looked me in the eye and I started to feel a drowsiness take over.

"No! What-" I gave into forced sleep.

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