Shock news

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'' Arghh Reborn'' Tsuna recall 

'' Yes princess''

Tsuna faint on the ground

'' Princess '' Reborn shout

Reborn run to his princess

'' Princess'' Reborn try calling Tsuna name 

'' Reborn let bring her to house, first'' Hayato said

'' That good idea'' 

Reborn carry his princess with bridal style

'' Princess I hope you okay'' Reborn worry

'' Let go Hayato''

'' Hai Reborn''

After ten minutes

knock knock knock knock

'' Who there?'' Tsuna grandmother asked

Tsuna grandmother open the door and surprise to see two stranger in front of her house with Tsuna in on one of stranger hand

'' What are doing to my grandchild'' Tsuna grandmother angry

'' Let talk inside I will explain something to you'' Reborn said

'' No you need to explain now'' Tsuna grandmother demand

'' It's about Tsuna background and future'' Reborn said

'' Okay, I will allow and hope you explain something about it'' 

'' Don't worry I will explain throughly'' Reborn

Tsuna,Reborn,Hayato going inside house

'' Please put Tsuna chan here'' Tsuna grandmother said

Reborn put Tsuna on the couch

Tsuna grandmother saw Hayato

'' You wear same clothes like Tsuna school uniform'' Tsuna grandmother curious of Hayato identity

'' Yes I am transfer to Tsuna school today, my name is Hayato Gokudera and I am Tsuna friend''

'' I am sorry Hayato kun that I do not know you are Tsuna friend''

'' I am fine'' Hayato said

'' I am glad she have friend now'' Tsuna grandmother relieve

After Hayato done his introduction Reborn introduce his name

'' My name is Reborn''

'' Nice to meet you Reborn'' 

'' Well, she have grandfather''

'' Really'' Tsuna grandmother

Tsuna grandmother thinking '' Maybe I need to tell you true ''

'' Fumine Misa that your name and you not have blood related to Tsuna'' Reborn said

'' How you know my really name?'' Misa surprise

'' Yeah I have investigate who know Tsuna parent and many more''

'' It's easy for me If you know my true identity'' 

Tsuna awake from her faint and listen her grandmother identity

'' Then you not my family  '' Tsuna shocked

Misa,Reborn,Hayato surprise to saw Tsuna awake

'' Tsuna chan'' Misa try to hug Tsuna 

'' Go away from me'' Tsuna in tears and run to her room

'' Princess'' Reborn worry 

'' Tsuna'' Hayato worry 

'' Maybe let her fine first then we talk to her '' Misa said

Hayato and Reborn agree

'' You from Vongola right'' Misa know Reborn from Vongola company

'' Yes Misa''

'' At first I want to have revenge because of Vongola, my grandchild being kill on his duty'' Misa start explain 

'' How did you know your grandchild involve with Vongola?''

'' I read my grandchild diary on the date he dies he have a duty to protect his boss, Tsuna father''

'' Oh'' Reborn nod

'' How did you know Tsuna parent dies?'' Reborn asked

'' I research where Tsuna father lives and I do not know that he have a daughter who still young''

'' Then I disguise as one of Tsuna relative to kill Tsuna father  but I am surprise Tsuna father dies and all Tsuna relative in house''

'' I am relieve he gone but I saw a young Tsuna in tears on the corner of house''

'' After all her relative discuss who want to adopted her, all Tsuna relative reluctant to adopted her that why I disguise as her grandmother''

'' First time I take care of her I felt hate on her so much when the time passed I love her so much'' Misa smile

'' I am glad she being take care by you'' Reborn said

'' She make my life perfect after my grandchild dies'' Misa in tears

'' Please tell her I am sorry so much I deceive her but I truly love her in my heart''

Hayato who listen the conversation in tears


This is a longest chapter I ever make > o <

Hope you guys enjoy 

Love you guys


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