Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

"Stop sulking already, this is going to be fun." Hunter wads up his sweat pants and tosses them in his clothes hamper on his way to the door. He leans against it and crosses his arms, waiting for me to come with him. "You wanted to go."

"That was before Robin changed the location to some other random dorm, with two other people I don't know." I respond, shifting agitatedly on my bed, huffing out a breath of aggravation as I lean my head back against the wall.

I now knew nothing of the upcoming events, other than it involved a tiny dorm room that was going to be full of eight people, where drinking would take place. All good and well, except for the fact that if we got caught drinking we could possibly get kicked out of college, or even arrested. Sure, if we stayed quiet all would be fine, but I have a hard time believing eight, or seven since I probably won't drink, drunk people can keep the volume down.

"College is all about meeting new people," Hunter tells me, giving me his wisdom. "I don't see what the big deal is."

It's true, there really isn't a big deal to the situation. Honestly, it's the fact that I'm a worry wart. I would die if I had to call home to tell my folks that their first born got arrested for underage drinking on campus. But I don't want to say that, I don't want to come across as the stuck-up college kid that can't let loose and have fun.

Even though I am almost positive Hunter wouldn't judge me, or think of me that way, my irrational fear takes over and I come up with a lie.

"I remember there's an essay I need to write."

There, that should make me seem like a stressed out college kid instead of stuck-up.

Hunter gives me a frown. "Well, you'll have all day tomorrow to work on it," then he offers, "and I can help you."

I give him a long look before I answer. "You really want me to come, don't you?"

He scratches at his neck for a moment. "Of course, I really need you there to keep Maggie off of me."

"Face it Hunter, she's never going to give it a rest until you just hook up with her," I explain with a laugh. I find it so funny how Maggie flirts nonstop with him, and even though he never flirts back, she keeps at it.

"Not gonna happen," he tells me matter-of-factly. "So, you coming?"

I sigh, "Fine."

He flashed me a brilliant smile and opens up the door. "Then come on, lazy butt."

My eyes roll at him and I jump off my bed. I slip on a pair of my black converse and grab my student ID and room key before heading out the door after Hunter.

The dorm which I soon find myself in is a cramped and tiny space, no real surprise there. There is all kinds of girly touches, from a bright flower patterned rug, to pink curtains and white Christmas lights hung throughout. The walls were covered by random movie posters and movie stars. I can't help but role my eyes at a giant Twilight poster. Seriously, what is up with girls and vampires that sparkle and stalk innocent girls?

Every other horizontal platform- floor, beds, and the small couch, is further cluttered by the six bodies already in the room. They each have one of those red cups in their hands, the alcohol already running through their veins.

They are all laughing, deep into conversation, so it takes them a moment to realize their missing guests have finally arrived. It's Tyler who notices me first.

"Shutterbugs here!" He shouts out obnoxiously, pointing towards the door where me and Hunter are standing. My eyes roll as Maggie and Robin call out my stupid nickname.

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