The Moon And Wisdom Reach Destruction And Time

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Just as I was about to put the creek down, a female voice scared the living Hades out of me.

Percy, what are you doing. I look around to see a 12 year old with auburn hair and a silver parka.

Artemis P.O.V
I woke up early to see Percy out of his bed. I randomly went outside to get some fresh air when something caught my eye.

The whole creek was lifted and three fire, water, nature, underworldish hurricanes were being formed. There were dead skeletons and when I looked closely to find the 15th olympian Percy.

I walked up to him wondering why he left our cabin. I was concerned and curious.

"Percy, what are you doing" I ask him in a serious tone

"Oh, I was practising my powers, Milady, he said bowing" Percy said in a monotonous voice.

Ok, Percy don't bow to me and no milady business. You are an olympian and thus making you my equivalent.

Yes, but you are my mentor and you are more older then me. I try not to be prideful like most of the other gods. Its in my nature to treat my elders with respect.

I was surprised by the amount of respect he held. He was so handsom- ARTEMIS, YOU ARE A MAIDEN GODESS WHO SWORE OF MEN FOR ETERNITY. YOU CANNOT BE FALLING FOR A MAN.

ANYWAY, I will be waking up the hunters for breakfast.

Breakfast was good but for Percy it was horrendous. e for Thalia and Phoebe who were being his mother and forcing him to eat chocolate cheerios. They made him eat until the bowl was full. I was laughing with the rest of the hunters at Percy's misery.  Then thunder rumbled in the background calling a council meeting.

Zeus was tapping his master bolt, Poseidon was staring at his trident, not daring to meet anyones eyes. Ares and Aphrodite were making out, Demeter was forcing Hades to eat cereal,  Apollo was talking about flirting with girls with Hermes, Hestia and Hera were talking about the future of Olympus. Nico and Athena were talking about something with smartness. Aphrodite and Ares were kissing very loudly. Artemis and I cringed and she mind messaged me.

"Ugh, they are so disgusting" Artemis spoke.

"Agreed, do they care about the publics eyes" I said.

We both laughed at that until Zeus intervened.

"SILENCE!" He roared. Everybody shut up.

We have some really important information to tell you. To end the rift between Poseidon, Hades and I, we both came upon a decision. Artemis and Perseus are to be married and Nico and Athena will be married.

All four of us shouted "What!"

But dad, what about my oath, you promised me not to force me into love.

Look, I had a talk with Styx, and she removed my oath.

" Apollo, talk some sense into your dad, help keep your sisters oath"

"Hehe, look cuz, Dad talked to me and you are a good man, so I agree."

Then Athena and Nico spoke in Unison"

"But Dad and uncle, we just started dating"

What, well great to know, it must not be so hard for you" Hades said highfiving Zeus.

"The wedding will start in one month, the first feast will be from me at my palace, the second will be from Poseidon at Atlantic and the third will be by Hades at the Underworld." Zeus said in one breath.

Council dismissed, he said slamming his bolt.

I went into the Artemis cabin crying.

All the hunter came inside and found me and and started consolidating me.

"Milady, what happened" Phoebe asked

Zeus is forcing me to marry Perseus, what will happen to my maiden hood. You probably will all leave me." I said in tears.

Don't worry milady, Percy is a good man. He wont do anything bad and we all have grown to trust him even if hold big grudges for men. He is the beat man you will ever find. Plus, you did admit you have a crush on him and I think he does. He blushes when he talks to you" Phoebe said

Then lilly spoke up.

My older brother will do nothing to you and none of us will leave the hunt"

Lilly was a daughter of Poseidon who Percy rescued at the request of Poseidon.

A chorus of Yea rang all around the cabin.

Then Percy appeared clearly sad.

"Artemis, I am sorry that we are arranged in doing something that you swore not to do. I hope we will love each other one day and not make this a loveless marriage. I will not do anything man like and I will still be with the hunt.

I smiled and hugged him

"Percy, if you are willing to try then I will also comply. I trust you will do nothing man like and be the man we all look too as a brother. I said.

All the hunters dog piled and congratulated us on our marriage.

I think I have second thoughts on this.

Authors Note:

Sorry for the late update. Thank you for all the support I have received. I will update every week and this book is going to be a really long book with a big climax coming later on. Thank you for all the support. Keep reading!

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