Chapter 25: Topics of Conversation

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Log #1: Humanity

This world is undoubtedly a hostile one; it is only through some miracle that we have all found ourselves united and alive. With monsters roaming the seemingly infinite world outside of Dominic, it is up to us to preserve the remnants of humanity. My name is Elvira Ramos, and I have taken a solemn oath to record all of humanity's successes and failures in this notebook. Together, with my friend and colleague Shura Averin, we shall endeavor to write the history of humanity on Chorus through these logs. When we pass on, our children shall take up our pens and continue our work. Someday, when humanity is free of the oppression from those grotesque monsters outside of Dominic, it is our belief that these records will be engraved in history as the age of humanity's triumph over adversity and suffering: humanity's age of courage.

-General Jesline Ramos

500 BPE

Kazuki rested inanimately on a white bed. Around him, his team slouched against the walls in exhausted relief.

The doctor had just promised them that Kazuki was to awake to a full recovery.

"I guess we've finally gotten past the worst of it, huh?" Alison spoke softly, as if Kazuki could wake up from even the slightest noise.

Nicole joined in. "Yeah, it sure hasn't been easy. But It looks like he pulled through. I knew he had it in him to do so. Hoped, at least."

"Whatever. If worst came to worst, we could always just have gotten somebody else. Not like nobody dies in this academy."

"Come on, Francis. Can't you just be relieved that our teammate's okay?"

"Well. I'll admit it'd suck to lose him so early on in the game."

"That's more like it."

"Still, I wonder who he'll be when he wakes up," Nicole pondered.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, after all of that, he obviously won't be the guy we saw during the field trip. Hope not, at least. That being said, can he really go back to being who he was? Is that even an option for him anymore?"


"...Sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Now's the worst time to be worrying about him—"

"N-No, no, no! I don't mean it like that! I know what you mean—it's not everyday someone goes through something like that. Events as life-changing as last night can't just be taken lightly, and I'm sure Kazu gets that. I'm sure he does. So let's leave that much to him, and lighten ourselves up for when he wakes! Okay, squad?"

Isabelle looked up. "Ooh! Hey, guys, think we should get a celebratory cone? I mean, sure Kazu's all sleeping and such, but I think we need some sugar to keep up our good moods!"

"Or we could each just take a chunk out of Isa. Surely that'll give us a sugar high." Francis admired the rainbow hungrily.

Alison got to her feet, stretching. "You know what? That's a pretty good idea, Isa. God knows when he'll wake up, and there's no reason we should wait for the darn guy."

"Finally you say something that makes sense," Francis agreed. He also stood up, and headed to the door. "Let's get moving, before the line gets too long."

The other three followed in suit, smiling, leaving Kazuki alone.


Amidst my sleep, voices seeped through the darkness. Familiar voices, unfamiliar voices, friendly voices, scary voices. Voices filled the blackness of my mind.

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