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6- "When I'm with you I don't feel so alone."
— Hercules

"Why do you insist on bring trash home? I had to kick her out like a prostitute." My father wakes me up, I quickly sit up and stare at my father wide eyed. Why did he have to come home? I would have been perfectly fine with him staying 6 miles away from me.

I frown, "You did what?"

My father rolls his eyes, "I kicked her out." He is the type of person to do something like that. I grit my teeth together, she must be feeling like shit. I push up from the chair and get up standing a few feet away from my father. "Where do you think your going?" He stops me.

"To go apologize to Wonder for your behavior."

My dad frowns, crossing his arms over his chest with a hard look on face. "You don't have time for that, your going to go to work with me." He orders.

Nope, no way. "To watch you be a shitty arrogant doctor, no thanks." He takes a menacing step towards me, He glowered down at me.

I held my ground, planting my feet on the ground balling up my fists. "I would watch your mouth boy, your mother isn't here to stop me from putting you in your place." He growls out.

I raise my arm to push him away from me, "Oh quit the brooding shit, your not intimidating." I walk over to door and grab my shoes. I then look back, "Oh and Wonder isn't a prostitute."

Dramatically, I slam the door shut, then I turn my head down the long hall to see Wonder's door. Not even hesitating I walk to the door and knock. It doesn't take long for the door to swing open revealing a guy who I assume is in his twenties.

He narrows his eyes at me. "Who are you?" His hand was rested on the door knob.

"Is Wonder home?" I try to peek over his shoulder into the house but all I can see is a wall.

He steps out the door and and shuts it behind me. "Now, who the hell are you?" He grinds out.

This guy was starting to piss me off, who ever he was I was ready punch him. However, I didn't come for that, I came to apologize to Wonder. "I'm Jason, a friend of Wonder's"

"She's never mentioned you once."


Well I can't be that wounded, I've only know her for a few days. " Is she in?" I ask again.

The man cracks his knuckles. "That's none of your concern. Your presence is really irritating me so I recommend you leave." He takes a threatening step towards me.

I push him out of my face making him stumble back. "Unless your her father, I want to see Wonder." I grit out through clenched teeth.

The guy's eyes turns to slits, "I'm worst, I'm her boyfriend."

Now that caught me off guard, Wonder never mentioned him. And even if he's her boyfriend why is he living here. I feel like like the dick that let someone else's girl to sleep over at me house. Sure, annoyingly, I've been developing feelings for her but in my defense I didn't know she has a boyfriend.

And confession time- I don't think knowing that now will make the difference.

The door whips open, Wonder stands at the door frame dressed in a big shirt with shorts and blue fluffy socks. Her hair was in a loose short ponytail. "Chase what are you doing? Jason?" Her eyes flicker to mine, then drop to the ground.

"I came to apologize for my father. He's a dick so I can't help it if he says some dumb shit." I tell her immediately.

A small smile forms on her face, "It's okay. Thanks for that yesterday though." Her eyes stare at me, holding a steady gaze.

I find myself smiling, "It was no problem. We should do that again sometime." Chase glares at us with his arms crossed. Yeah be jealous, prick.

"Who is this douche Wonder?" He walks closer to her gripping her forearm.

She yanks her arm from him. "He's not a douche, and because you locked me out he invited me to watch movies with him." She explains to him.

Chase leans down to his ear and whispers something that makes her freeze. "Why?" Her voice wavered.

He looks over his shoulder and grabs Wonder by her forearm and began dragging her in the house. "We are going now." He announces.

I didn't want her to go with that guy, my heart actually hurt when the door closed but I knew there was nothing I could do about it. She was his girlfriend even though it kind of sucks it was life.

God I need a drink.

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