"The salt! Grab the salt!" some random guy bellowed— he was Asian, and his black hair spiked up everywhere. I stumbled back as the three guys raced past me and lunged for the salt shakers on the bench, quickly sealing themselves in a circle. I stood there, dumbfounded.

"What the heck?" I blurted, wide-eyed with confusion.

"Wren, you totally screwed up our game!" Connor replied, his voice laced with frustration. "We were summoning the Midnight Man and you're not supposed to let your candle go out!"

"Yeah, Jesus Christ Wren, what the fuck was that with the sword?" Kurt added sharply. He was evidently on edge— his shoulders were tense, and I'd never seen him so worked up.

"I-I-I'm sorry, I forgot," I said sheepishly, ducking my head. "I came down to get water and I thought there were robbers in the house."

At that moment, all the lights switched on, and I glanced over my shoulder to see Jade, Asher, and Wesley, standing on the staircase, watching from afar.

"What the heck is going on?" Wesley demanded, rubbing his tired eyes. Jade looked more alarmed then anything, and Asher wore a scowl. I remembered he'd been against Ouija Boards, so chances were he wasn't down with any of this, either.

"It's... never mind, don't worry about it," Connor sighed, looking even more frustrated. Then, he muttered to the random guy, "The lights weren't meant to go on, either. I hope we didn't piss the demon off."

I nearly shat myself.


"Well, do we still have to sit in this salt circle?" the Asian guy asked.

"I'm not taking any chances!" Kurt replied, pulling himself tighter into the circle. "I'm sitting right here until 3:30AM rolls around."

"I'm with Kurt," Connor added grudgingly. He glanced over to Wesley stiffly, and added,

"Will you turn off those lights?"

Wesley grumbled, and pulled Jade with him as they began to head back upstairs. My stomach twisted at the sight of their hands brushing each other... almost as if they were a real couple...

But just as quickly as the terrible feeling had come, it vanished, as Jade doubled over and let out an anguished yelp. She clutched her stomach, and every muscle in my body tensed.

"Jade?" Wesley cried, his eyes wide. Jade let out a wail and collapsed on the staircase, her hand wrapped so tightly on the handrail that her knuckles turned white.

I sucked in a sharp, shocked breath, and raced over to them.

"Something's wrong— something's—" she let out another cry before she could finish, and tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Shit!" I heard Kurt say from the salt circle, and when I looked over, the boys were straining to see from where they were awkwardly positioned behind the counter. A feeling of disbelief washed through me. Why were they still sitting over there? A part of me was angry that they were still treating their game like it was real, but the other part... the part that had seem Uncle Jim's life... that part knew it wasn't a game. And that part told me they should stay right where they were.

But as for the rest of us... we were targets.

The targets of a pissed off demon who's ritual we'd interrupted.

"Jade, what's wrong?" Asher asked frantically, kneeling beside Wesley.

"Call an ambulance," I said numbly, as ice cold fear seeped through me. "Call an ambulance, and then get out of this house."

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