Throughout the night Doctor Marshall proceeded to run dozens of tests and scans on both their captive guest and the crystal, which resulted in far more questions than answers.

So far the doctor had determined that a single intact crystal was capable of generating more power than a nuclear power plant, a lot more. He was also still firm on the theory that the crystals were produced, not naturally grown. While the doctor was convinced the symbols inside the crystal were some form of writing, Syndi still had no luck in deciphering any of the characters.

The doctor's mind raced with a million questions. Where did the creature come from? Judging from what we knew of the solar system, his best guess placed its origin somewhere outside our system. If the "aliens" were the ones producing the crystals, then they had already demonstrated superior technology that far outpaced anything else on this planet. It wouldn't be a great stretch of the imagination to conclude that they also produced better spacefaring technology; possibly even interstellar travel. But the piece of the puzzle the doctor couldn't manage put together was how the aliens got to the bottom of the ocean in the first place. Or, how long they had been there? Was it the result of a crash, or were they there on purpose? With that being said, was there some giant spacecraft buried at the bottom of that crevasse? They had confirmed three separate craft trailing Nick, how many of these creatures resided at the bottom?

Generally speaking, the doctor tried to keep things scientific. He attempted to focus on the facts, the observations, the data, but he had to admit, some of his theories sounded more like something straight out of a Jules Verne novel. He even briefly chased Nick's idea of an underwater city of Atlantis, complete with thousands of large domed glass structures and a tubed transportation system.

As late night rolled into early morning, all the tests and theorizing began to take its toll on the doctor. The doctor's mind became just as exhausted as his body, and sometime in the early hours of the morning, the doctor rested his head on the table, for just a moment -- and surrendered to sleep.

As the doctor dreamed, his imagination took over and he envisioned an enormous underwater city. A wide variety of luminescent structures stretched for miles, not only to either side, but surrounding him in every direction. The buildings above were so high, so far away, the only thing visible through the dark ocean waters was the glow of thousands of tiny lights, creating their own multi-colored star filled sky.

Structures of all shapes and sizes were illuminated with vibrantly colored light, but unlike the domed structures the doctor had imagined earlier, these were much more biological in nature. Large spherical bubbles, ten stories or more in diameter, dotted the landscape. Enormous spires, similar to the rocky columns Nick had narrowly avoided on his first trip, stretched skyward but these were placed in much more precise, geometric arrangements. Resting atop the spires were layer upon layer of what appeared to be interior locations. The number of "floors" depended on the height of the spires supporting them.

The city was alive with activity, most of it was too far away for the doctor to make sense of, but tiny dots of light formed trails as they moved from one location to another. Medium sized craft could be seen moving about at a faster speed than the smaller lights. The silhouettes of still larger ships were hovering, or moving slowly at various depths throughout the environment.

The doctor found himself swimming a hundred or so feet above the architecture below. He sailed over them as if he was flying. Spotting a larger spherical structure to his right he attempted to change course to get a better look, but realized he was unable to do so. It was as if something in his dream bound him to this set course. He wasn't so much in control, as he found himself being led or guided through the experience like an amusement park ride.

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