Chapter 69

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little mature seem at the end. 


“I don’t believe a being as evil as you can love. I pity those girls,” she replied coldly.

He smirked. “Not girls, girl. There was only one before you. And unlike you, she actually loved me back, very, very much.”

“Then why aren’t you with this girl right now? Why are you still harassing me? If she loves you back, then that’s more than I can say about myself.”

Zayn’s smile disappeared. 


Zayn laid down a tartan cotton blanket on the shore of the lake, made sure to put enough distance between them and the waterfall so the foot doesn’t get dampened. He swiftly pulled out some sandwiches, a container of fruits, some cupcakes, some potato chips, a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine. He also pulled out a pair of paper plates, plastic cups and forks. He sat down and patted the spot next to him, motioning Evelyn to join him.

She was reluctant. There were few things she’d hate to do more than having a picnic with Zayn, but like always, her liberal choices were taken away from her. She was familiar with his temper, and needn’t to guess the awful things he could do to her if she disobeyed him for the second time that day.

She looked up at the high cliffs on their either side. There was one way into the valley, and one way out; Evelyn doubt she could out run Zayn—that would need a miracle. She had already tested her limits when she refused his help when dismounting the horse earlier.

‘Best do as he says, for now,’ her conscience told her. Hesitantly, she lowered herself onto the soft surface of the blanket, but making sure to put as much distance between her body and his.

Quietly, he poured some white wine into the plastic cup and offered it to her. Evelyn took his meekly, but had no intention of consuming any. She noticed how he poured the red wine into his cup instead of the clear, white one, and the obvious thickness of the liquid. Evelyn's stomach churned a little at the sight, realising what it must contain.

“It’s better their blood than yours.”

“It still doesn’t justify you harvesting the blood of innocent people though,” Evelyn spoke quietly. An image of the human plantations all over the Vampire Nation and an image of a girl her own age being raped for the enjoyment of the guards, caged and has her blood harvested every few days… she shuddered.

“This is mostly wine, laced with human blood; don’t worry, I didn’t drain some poor, innocent soul for it,” he replied softly, making excuses for himself and for Evelyn.

“Still doesn’t change the facts,” she muttered.

Evelyn reached out to take a quarter of a sandwich from the container. She still hadn’t had breakfast and was in dire need of food, before she passed out from hunger. The moment the delicious sandwich touched her taste buds; Evelyn had to restrain herself from moaning at the delicious taste of the duck filling and the perfect texture of the soft, fluffy bread.

Zayn watched Evelyn tentatively, his eyes affectionate, enjoying her presence. In the pit of his stomach, there was a strong desire to reach out and kiss her tempting pink lips, but he resisted the urge. He knew his affection would not be returned and didn’t want to scare Evelyn again with his irrational acts.

“Though there are millenniums between you two, you remind me a lot of her,” said Zayn.”

“By her, you mean your first love…?”

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