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Sam's POV
After I explained to Charlie why I came to her house. She slapped me. Multiple times. "Are you done?"I asked.

"You gonna realise you love the shorty?"she asked. I stayed silent. And she slapped me again.

"Ok stop"I said. She rolled her eyes. "So he kissed you, yesterday. And then today you both had a heated make out session that could've ended in doing it on the counter?"she asked. "How the hell do you know about that part?"I asked.

"Dean texted me."she smirked.

"Of course"i whispered. "And yeah basically."I added.

"Ok easy solution"she said. "Ok what?"I asked.

"Ready?"she questioned. I nodded. "You. Fuck. Him"she said straight forward. No smirk. Nothing.

"Wow"I said. "What I'm being honest. Screw him. See if you would want to do it again. And if you don't than it's just there. That's how I do it with my girlfriends"she explained.

"And that's why relationships don't work with you"I said. She shrugged. "Sam it works. At least for some people. Not saying this is a thing for everyone. Cause it's not. But give it a try. That's how I can tell if I really like them. And it actually helped me get this girl Dorothy"she smiled.

"What if he doesn't want to sleep with me?"I asked. "Sam. Your young. Hot and if I was straight I would jump you and be done in twenty minutes. Your fine"she patted my back.

"If you were a girl. Damn I screw your brains out"she said. "I need new friends"I said.

"Well your stuck with me. Now go back to Dean's house and do it with Gabriel. Make sure they leave. I can actually help with that"she winked.

"I'm not sleeping with him"I said. "But come on. Sabriel needs to rise"she pouted. "What the hell is sabriel?"I asked.

"To most. Life. To me. A curse. But the good kind"she winked. "Jesus"I whispered. "If you won't do him. At least talk to him. Your stuck with him. So bye. Dorothy is coming. And tell dean I'm bringing her to the party on Saturday"she pushed me out the door.

"Bye"she slammed the door. "God I need new friends"I shook my head.

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