His gangster side by Kristine a.k.a KITIN

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Have you ever met a GANGSTER?

Probably yes.But I met the strangest gangster that change my whole life..

Believe me? Well, You should.

As his part of being a gangster,

He loves beer, rumbles or going into a fight,

have piercings in his both ears,

long hair and mostly..

He's annoying!

"What made him unique and strange from the other gangsters you've met?"

Ah! He's Smart.

Really SMART! He's the top-notcher on our school.

He's somehow nice. His common sense is good.

He loves competing with others.

He's Classy and love reading books.

He's good and friendly even during conversations.

He rarely smoke. very rare.

He wear clean and neat outfits that's why

you'll never know he's a gangster..

"Don't Believe Me? Well maybe, you should force yourself to believe me.. I tell you.

I'm not a liar. But How did this gangster change my life?

Why? How?"

Wanna know Why and How?

Well, This is my LOVE Rivalry between..

ME and my GANGSTER...

And this is...



"Geu ttae kkaji gi daril su it-seoyo..."

I can wait till then, he said. I miss him so much that it kills me deep down inside... It gives my heart pains because of the tragic memory that my mind don't want to remember anymore..

"I ane neoitda..."(You're in my heart...)I whispered to air so he can hear me... The wind touched my warm skin like it was hugging me to give me comfort. Ethan-ssi bogoshipo.. Jungmal..(I miss you,Ethan.. Really..)


"KYA~ Annyong haseyo!" I greeted my new day... It was my first day of school here in the Philippines. I can't wait to meet new people especially new friends.

"Hinayah! You're late! Work fast!"

"Ne Oppa!"(Yes brother!) I took my bath and wore my new uniform.. Neomu heungbum haet-seonna bwayo.(I think I was too excited), Nah! Yes, I'm excited! This is my first time I'm gonna meet Filipinos..

"Gayo?"(Going?) This is Oppa Ken. My older brother. He came along with me here in Philippines..

"Eung!"(Yes! [less formal]) He patted my head so hard. Aww! It hurts!

"I'm your older brother. Respect me!" Amfu!

"Arayo! Arayo!"(I know. I know!)I drank my milk and grabbed my toasted bread.

"Hey. Papa said we should speak tagalog more often. Remember that Hina.." I nod. Sheex.

"Gaseyo!"(Bye! [less formal]) I started running cause he's gonna chase me.. ^^

His gangster side by Kristine a.k.a KITINBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!