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I open the door and greet my boyfriend Yoongi at the door. I give him a big smile before kissing him and pulling him into my apartment. We have dated since college and I just want him to purpose already because I wanna settle down finally and start a family!

"Babyyyyy! Did you eat yet? I'll make dinner for youuuu!" I say as I pull him to the couch.

"Thanks." He says simply and I quickly go to the kitchen to make him something.

MyOppa💖 is typing...
MyOppa💖 sent a chat!

You still seeing that Min Yoongi guy right?

Yea🙂 He is over right now in fact😆😆 I think it is gonna happen tonight Oppa! Omg I am so excited!!!

You don't wanna do it with him! He is cheating on you!

No way! I don't believe you Jonnie!🤨😒

I would never lie to you bbg and you know that! Please just hear me out! Don't do it with him tonight! I'll get you proof before Monday!

But I don't want proof. I just wanna be happy with my boyfriend. Jonnie please don't interfere!😒😒

Just listen to me pabo!

Block MyOppa💖?
MyOppa💖 has been blocked!

I turn off my phone and finish making dinner. I bring it out to the coffee table and sit next to Yoongi. He was snapping someone with the Snapchat name of "My B" which I was guessing was one of his friends. I hoped it was one of his friends.

"Thanks babe." Yoongi said, turning off his phone and kissing my lips. I smiled between sweet kisses.

"Anything for you baby."

Yoongi ate quickly and then got up to get a drink. He took Soju from the fridge and poured us both a shot glass. We drank a lot and the next moment it was 10pm and I was being dragged up the stairs and thrown onto my bed. Finally...

Blahhh....blahhhhhh....blahhhhhhhhhhhhh...yeah I ain't writing details srry😂
Honey, my books can't contain this type of ish, so my sick perverts of mine, please do use that now VERY dirty imagination.

When I woke up next to him the next morning, I saw his snap go off and was curious. I carefully took his phone and unlocked it with a magical password.
I opened the snap from "My B" and it was a girl, naked...

I covered my mouth as I looked through their conversations. Yoongi has been to this woman's house multiple times for one reason. Namjoon was right...what do I do now..?

I put on my clothes and put Yoongi's phone back. I slip on my shoes and speed walk out of the house pulling up my Snap and unblocking Namjoon.

You were right Oppa!😭

I'm coming to your house Oppa...I'm sorry...

I love you.

I'll never doubt you again...

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