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Maisie's pov.

Ian's been bad recently, I found out he had bipolar recently too. Mickeys a wreck, I understand he wants to look after him but he needs to be taking his pills.
He's now lay in bed, he's been like this for the past 3 hours mickey called Fiona and we literally ran to his house.

"Ian, come on you need to take your pills." I could hear the frustration in Fiona voice.
He just shrugged and pulled the blanket over his head.

Debbie was downstairs with Mandy, Lip was with Liam back home and Carl, I don't know probably with Dom.

I went and sat next to Ian on the bed, rubbing his back softly.
"Come on ian please, do it for mickey. Not me, not Fiona or Debbie do it for mickey he's a mess" I said softly matching my actions. I grabbed his tablet and water from the side as he sat up, he swallowed the pill not making eye contact throughout, I gave him a weak smile still rubbing his back for support.

He lay back down and I left grabbing mickeys hand and telling him to call if anything changes. He nodded sadly wrapping his arms around me.

I hated seeing Ian like this, all of us did but Mickey, he just couldn't live with himself.

{back at the Gallagher house}

I walked in and grabbed Liam from lips lap, he was flat out, deep sleeping payed off as it was easy to get him to bed without him waking.

I walked into the shared room and placed him down on the bed, tucking him into the blanket. I kissed his head before turning to exit.

"You're good with him." I heard from the bed behind me.
"Oh hi I didn't know you were in here." I said shook a little.
"Why? Where else would I be?" His head turning like a dog.
"Erm with Dominique" I said with sass. "Oh." Was all he said, I was waiting for a smart comment or an argument to occur but nothing but silence filled the room.
"Ok well I'm gonna go" I stood there awkwardly.
"Ok I'll see you tomorrow"

A part of me wanted to stay and hang with him like we used to but it's so awkward between us, even after admitting we missed each other, we haven't spent any time together. Mainly because he's been with Dom.

I walked home and started on the homework.

I woke up at 6:12am still in my clothes I wore yesterday, homework on the bed showing I must have fallen asleep.

I got up and walked straight into the bathroom and did the usual morning routine.

I got dressed into my black thrasher t shirt and a denim skirt and matched with my white nike air max.

I got dressed into my black thrasher t shirt and a denim skirt and matched with my white nike air max

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I put my hair into two french plaits and applied some light makeup. I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and walked to the Gallaghers.
Debbie was sat eating fruit loops, Fiona grabbing Liam's arm to take him to school, Lip revising like always and obviously no Carl.

"Hey gorgeous!" Debbie said to me with a mouthful of cereal.
"Heyyyy!" I sat beside her.
"Can you get Carl for school please he's upstairs?" Fiona shouts into us.

"Rock, paper, scissors, shoot."
Me and her both said.
I did paper and she did scissors.
"For fuck sake." I groaned walking up the stairs hearing a giggle escape her lips.

I knocked this time, because I'm not reliving what happened the last time I didn't knock.

"Come in!" I heard from the other side of the door.
I walked in and saw Dom sorting her skirt, as Carl wiping his mouth. Ew.

"Erm Fiona said to come get you for school." I said trying to keep my face emotionless.
He nodded and walked towards the door with Dom on his tail.

{at school}

I'm stood at my locker collecting my math book for next lesson, when I see Carl, it's hard to miss him as his locker is right by mine.
I closed my locker and started to walk to class, well tried before being pulled back by my wrist.

I turned and saw Owen.

"Hey pretty, what you been up to lately?" he smirked down at me.
"Ew get off of me" I said trying to pull my wrist from his grip.
"That's not gonna happen baby" his grip getting tighter on my wrists. This brought back the memory of Carl when he bruised mine and what happened after in the kitchen. Tears brimming my eyes now.

"Owen please your hurting me" my voice broke from the pain.
"You deserve it, SLUT"
I was hoping I'd see someone like Debbie or Lily or even Carl. To get them to help.

Owen made his way closer to my face now kissing my cheeks to my neck, when I saw Carl.
"Owen get of me, please! Get him off me" Owens grip now even harder I could feel my hands going cold.

Carl's head lifted up making instant eye contact for the first time in weeks, before he turned away just ignoring me. And walking off with Dominique down the hallway and out of sight.


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