2: Meeting The Sides

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Y/n POV:

(Recap: He then sat next to me and I almost fainted!!)

Sitting there on the other side of Thomas was the fanciful side also known as Roman staring at the tv with Virgil right next to him. I almost lost my hearing do to Patton squealing at me. Then I looked behind me to see Logan sitting at the table reading a book. After I got over the fact that the sides are real I watched the movie.

{time skip to the end of movie brought to you by Roman}

Towards the end of the movie Patton and Roman went to the kitchen and after awhile I could hear them arguing about something.
"He shouldn't confess right now Roman they just meet today."
"Well I think he should do something chivalry like kill a Dragon-Witch."
I then heard an aggravated sigh and footstep coming back to the living room to see an aggravated Patton and a slightly upset Roman.
       After the movie was over Thomas was a sleep and Logan, Roman, and Patton were gone so that left me with the anxious emo Virgil. Virg and I talked for hours, come to find out I had more in common with him than I thought.

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