untold secrets

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"she's a saint...

        ...with the lips of a sinner"

my eyes glistened with tears as i watched that crafted piece of metal point at me at its hollow end

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my eyes glistened with tears as i watched that crafted piece of metal point at me at its hollow end. my eyes traced its length meeting what seemed as a manicured  nail holding the trigger .. seemed so determined..without hesitation..  I continued trailing that masculine arm covered in what seemed like a body touch shirt.. until they couldn't really move from those shoulders.. 

..they were the shoulders that i apparently was to lean on anytime i needed comfort.. but where were they now that i needed them the most..

i continued going up.. past those fresh hickies on that neck i was on almost half an hour ago.. it was all passionate and warm.. now its all just gone.

my eyes.. never seizing to stop.. went way up and "crack" that was the sound of my heart breaking as my eyes made contact with those lips.. those lips that not too long ago curved up to say "i love you" before entangling with mine and kissing me passionately like the world was ours... sadly it was too good to be true.. 

i couldn't meet his eyes.. so my head dropped as i mumbled some please's and don't do this.. "look at me Alfrie.." he said through gritted teeth..i still kept my head down.."i said .. look.. at me!" he slightly yelled  as i raised my bruised and battered face.. "i love you.. "he kindoff whispered.."so freaking much .."  this just broke my heart.. "if i cant have you all to myself.." he said raising his lowered head.. "no one else can.." and with determination in his eyes and tears in mine.. he whispered as if he was hurt.. "i'm sorry..."  and pointed the gun to his head.

         CLICK! CLICK! BOOM!

That was enough to scare me awake. "NOOO.. Erin.. I'm sorry.. I'm  so sorry.." i cried out as i rocked back and forth. Curled up in what i believed to be my safe corner.. "get out of my head.. Stop  tormenting me..I never meant to.. I could never possibly..Please.." i cried.. He was out to get me.. He just wouldn't stop until i was down.. Sinking into the abyss of loneliness and depression.. He just wouldn't stop. And then.
As if i was still dreaming.. There he was.. Opening the door to my room.. That cold smirk on his face, staggering his cold pale self to me. I shut my eyes.. Screaming almost wearing out my lungs.. " Alf.. Alfrie.. Alfrie.." a familiar voice said and i could note the sadness in it as it shook me to my senses. I opened my eyes slowly only to meet two light blue ones.. Teary than usual.. "mom.." i cried as i fell into a warm embrace. She held me so tight repeating.. "its all gonna be OK.. You'll  be alright sweetie " almost sounded like she was trying to convince herself than she was to me.
I felt so safe.. So protected in her arms.. I just wished  i could stay there for eternity..

The rest of the day was just ok. My definition of just ok being explosion of total boredom. Thank God the only human being who could actually tolerate me and all my awkwardness Luwam.. Best known as 'peaches' was there to keep me company.
We drowned ourselves in classical movies and buttered popcorns till we just couldn't  get enough.

I knew  her since i was five.. She moved in next to ours and she was the loudest most annoying human being I had ever met. Ever so bubbly and extremely  emotional.. Her hazel eyes sparkled gracefully enough to fool you to believe she was innocent. Her curly brownish black american hair was the finishing piece to her charm. I just don't even know how we got to be friends but I'm just so grateful we are.

hey guys.. thanks for reading this far.. who do think Alfrie was with.. feel free to comment.. please vote guys.. I'm trying really hard not to disappoint... I've got to go.. see ya .. new update tomorrow :) lotsa love fam

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