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Heidi curled up in the streets. She cried and screamed only to be ignored by the passers by. To them, she was just another homeless girl on the streets of London. But there was one woman who noticed. Mrs Hudson walked over to her. 

"Hey, hey its okay" She said and pulled the young girl, who couldn't have been more than sixteen years old, into an embrace. Heidi looked at her and backed up.

"No. Stay away" Heidi cried out. "You'll end up vanishing!" She started to scream more. Mrs Hudson looked around. She knew this girl had a problem. She knew she had a story. She knew she had a case.

"Come with me, I can take you somewhere safe. I know someone who can help you."  Mrs Hudson said. Heidi stood up and frowned. She believed that no one could help her, but to her, if someone was offering to help she couldn't turn them away. She needed this fixing. 


Mrs Hudson took her too baker street. Heidi recognised the flat from the papers. 221B Baker street, home to the famous Sherlock Holmes. Though, Heidi believed that she would need someone smarter than Sherlock Holmes to figure out her case. 

Heidi sat down in the flat waiting silently. The boys were out and so she was told to just sit and wait. She had been given a cup of tea for her troubles. Heidi looked around the place. She couldn't help but think that it was a small place. It had two bedrooms, one of which was occupied by the great Sherlock Holmes and the other used to be occupied by John Watson before he moved out with his wife. That meant the second bedroom was going spare and Heidi could tell that Mrs Hudson was having trouble getting someone to move into it. Never the less, even if it wasn't free the flat downstairs was and Heidi was in desperate need for some accommodation. Perhaps if she discussed it with the woman, this could be it.

The young girl stood up to go find Mrs Hudson, but Hudson was already coming back up the stairs. She wanted to air Sherlock's flat and dust a little bit.

"Mrs Hudson, how much would I be expected to pay if I took stay in the flat downstairs?" She asked. Mrs Hudson looked shocked. Heidi was only a teenager, how could Mrs Hudson expect her to pay her way.

"Oh dear, you can have it for free. I know you've had a hard life and besides Sherlock doesn't pay for his either. Neither did John when he stayed. Two free loaners is the same as one in my eyes." Heidi couldn't help but giggle at that. It's clearly not the same to have two free loaners in comparison to one but Mrs Hudson was a nice landlady.

She sat waiting and then later on footsteps were coming up the stairs and the doors to 221B opened. The man stood there. He frowned seeing Heidi.

"Mrs Hudson, why is there a teenager in my flat?" He called down the stairs.

"She's the new lodger for 221C" Mrs Hudson called back up.

"But why is she in my flat?" He called back at her.

"She's got a case for you!"

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