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Pen Your Pride


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The pain in her heart was so unbearable, it could be heard, her vanity could be felt, and her disgust could be smelt. Devoured by the pouring rain, her tears weren't visible. As if the angels from the heaven cried along with her. Her innocence was taken, her purity was gone, and what was left with her was her shattered dignity.

Life was never fair, and will always be unfair. The world will never know peace. Cruelty is what the world will always be. Pride, lust, and agony, are what people always feel in their hearts. Love, trust, and loyalty-they are just lies that come from their tongues.

Before she was praised and loved, now she was despised and rejected. There was nothing she could do. It wasn't her fault. It was his. He was the one who took her innocence by force, whilst she strives to keep it. She did not give her innocence to him willingly. But it was no use to explain. The beloved and respected woman was gone, as the hated, impure woman replaced her.

Her purity was what left, and it was gone. There was nothing left now. The king of demons caused this all. Her dignity and her pride, she lost them all. Through the noise of the pouring rain, she cursed at the wind.

She was the nun, where she should keep her innocence, not giving them to anyone. But now, it was taken by a demon. The creature God despises most.


The cold rain was fading, leaving her alone in the dark with agony. Crouching in the crook, fear had overrun her heart, filling her with danger. Her lips trembled, and her eyes widened as she saw a glimpse of shadow walking towards her. His footstep echoed, piercing the cold silence. There he stood, towering over her.

Her breath was fast, due to her fear as she thought he was the demon who took her innocence. Despite the torn cloak looming over his face, his eyes shone like a molten gold. His gaze pierced through her soul, his eyes were such a beauty compared to her brown ones. He was there, silent for one cruel minute. It was the longest minute she had ever felt her whole life.

"One drop of blood of the white raven of the dead," he finally said, his deep voice broke the silence between them. Her heart was mixed between curiosity, fear, and incredulity. That words were his last words, before he disappeared, vanished by the darkness.

Even when she couldn't see him, his presence was still lingering her, haunting her now fragile soul. His voice was still ringing inside her head, mesmerizing it into her wounded heart.

One drop of blood...

From the white raven of the dead...

"The child you bear will die. It's her fate," his voice echoed through the dark alley. She squirmed herself into a ball, gripping her cloth anxiously, and shaking in agony.

She tightened her grip to her torn clothes, pulling it, covering her wounds and flesh, as a presence knelt down beside her. Their faces were on the same level. His cold breath brushed her right ear, making her shiver in dismay

"Find the white raven, the only chance of her life, before the day she reached the age of maturity..."



So, this is my new story...Give me your thoughts, I'd like to see it. Like it? Hate it?

Vote for it if you like it... I'm writing this with my friend.

Please bear with us, we're just 13.

Dedicated to my best friend for her awesome idea and her cover ;)


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