Eli and her friends were at their usual place in the tavern. Everyone got tired of reading, and even Tanya decided to join them. Pron as their two, sitting next to Eli with a red hood over his head.

"Now that everyone drank something, I have some good news. Since the elven king is calmed than our king, he looked into this war more clearly. The kings came to conclusion that it really wasn't either of them who started the war, and we're at peace- again. Mind you, the word of the war hasn't even spread past the riders and hunters." Pron said, and everyone cheered. Eli felt a stone fall from her chest. She didn't have to kill just yet.

"Also. You're getting a once in a lifetime opportunity. Due to the misunderstanding, the elves, specifically the white hunters and high nobility, are hosting a party, and we are invited, along with the king and human high nobles." he said, and silence was set upon the table.

"Really? We get to go to Notrhl? Oh, that's amazing! Their land is beautiful. They have huge trees, and their architecture is so elegant." Eli said excitedly. Tanya and Elan seemed excited, but Teoh and Helios seemed worried.

"I don't trust that. Not one bit." Helios said, and Eli rolled her eyes.

"Really, Helios? They are being friendly. They are capable of that, unlike us. Trespassing was forbidden for so long, even during peace. We won't get to go there again, most likely, until it came to another war. And it would be a good opportunity to find out more about Linos. TO get to know the white hunters, and learn their weaknesses if you had to fight sometime later. Of course, I won't force you to go. In fact, only the finest students are invited. Since we're friends, you're the finest students. Five may come along with me." he said. Eli was smiling widely, and Teoh seemed to relax a bit.

"It's worth a shot. If it's a trap, we will fight. But I doubt it. Elves take things like this seriously, and they're honorable. They wouldn't fall down that low. Cheer up, Helios." Teoh said, and Helios took another sip of ale instead.

"Sorry. It's just so sudden. The war just stopped. How does that even happen?" he said.

"The kings met up in Linos today. Without guards, completely alone. And they talked. Our king probably yelled. But they came to an agreement, and agreed to protect their borders better from monsters from Linos. That's a good thing. We're going there, and you're going to enjoy yourselves. The elven ladies are beatiful." Pron said, throwing the last sentence at Helios, who grinned.

"When are we going?" Eli asked.

"The king and the nobility are travelling by horse. They leave tomorrow. So we leave a fews days after them. We're going to the capital. It's a beatiful place. It's covered by a forest, and the elves live in the tree-trunks. They have a huge palace, and there's greenery everywhere. The other parts of Notrhl aren't nearly as beautiful as the capital. We're invited to stay for three days. We're free to explore, but our dragons will stay in Linos. The capital is quite close, you won't miss them. Notrhl is no place for dragons. We are allowed to bring them along, but they are unable to guarantee their safery." Pron said, and Eli was already imagning the sun shining through the roof of branches, the huge trees with doors and little elves happily running around.

And the palace, with walls of glass, a fountain in front of it. The elegant elven architecture, delicate and lavish.

And, of course, the chance to see Rileigh again. It would be nice to talk to him again, while they were still at peace.

"Yes, but you forgot that Helios and I have small dragons. They can't carry us all the way to the elves." Teoh said after they had another drink.

"No problem, we'll share. You can ride with me, Teoh, and Helios can ride with Elan." Tanya said happily. She didn't drink anything.

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