Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

"Human rights and international criminal law both illustrate the contradictory potential of international law. On one level, the imposition of human rights norms is a restraint on interventionary diplomacy, especially if coupled with respect for the legal norm of self-determination.

'But on another level, the protection of human rights creates a pretext for intervention as given approval by the UN Security Council in the form of the R2P (responsibility to protect) norm, as used in the 2011 Libyan intervention. The same applies with international criminal accountability."

-- Richard A. Falk

Meanwhile, Blair and Chelsea are strolling down the walkway of the eastern campus, where it's almost a ghost town. At least the smoke cleared in the sun was shining again, but it still smelled like burnt rubber throughout the campus. It's going to be days or even weeks before that smell subsides.

"I bet it was those sculptures the students made," Chelsea vented. "Who puts flammable materials inside of a building that was a fire hazard, to begin with!?"

"I don't think anybody ever guessed that 'Coconuts' would come here and fuck everything up," Blair chastises.

Still walking, there was a group of students culminating in front of the security building that caught their attention. Outside the doors, was Jacob trying to ease the situation.

"Really? Does that old fart know when to quit?" Blair insults.

Chelsea sighs in disgust, "Obviously not... Better check it out..."

This could be a situation that could turn out violent. There is little to nothing that they can do in this capacity, but at least they can try to defuse the situation so it won't end in violence. When you boil it down, everybody was fed up. They were tired of being scared and confused by what was happening at the school. Many people had flown all over the country and across the globe to study here because they want a better education and a better life. Alas, that was taken away from them, and they want answers.

Both Chelsea and Blair made it to the ever-growing mob of students outside the security building.

"Yo, my man, what's going on out here?" Blair asked a male Elven student.

Getting his attention, the angered student answered Blair, "Haven't you heard? 'Dudley do-right' wants to bring in the military to kill one wild animal running around the University! He even wants to do background checks and blood tests for everyone! Meanwhile, there are some of us who know who is responsible?"

"Who?" Blair shrugged.

"Delta Theta Omega. A fraternity around here," the student answered. "Most people say they take things a bit too far and destroy property around the neighborhoods and around campus. They were blamed for a lot of stuff, yet the so-called brotherhood retaliated by acting like first-grade assholes."

Delta Theta Omega is an academic fraternity who primarily recruit sports athletes and those who have political ambitions. They're one of the oldest and founding fraternities at the University with the significant ties to many seats in the office from local politicians to those who are lawmakers in the White House.

"I don't know. I think it's a bit of a stretch. Blaming them for murder, I mean..." Chelsea contradicted.

"Are you kidding me? Don't tell me you to believe that there is really a monster killing everyone. That's discriminative. Many students and faculty around here aren't human. It has to be those guys!" The student accused.

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