Chapter 5

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  "Its rude to stare you know." 


~~~~Percy POV~~~~

I knew when he walked into the room. I just didn't really care. Unless he turned out to be a monster or something, then my so called grandfather would be a pile of gold dust. I could feel him looking me up and down so I shifted my gaze from the ceiling to him. He seemed shocked to see me staring at him and when I told him staring was rude he looked ready to jump out of his skin. I'd have laughed at his face but I really wasn't feeling the ability to laugh today. Not sure I will again.

"So you must be Perseus." I was snapped out of my thoughts by the voice. Registering what he said I scowled.

"It's Percy. You must be Steve Rogers then." It was my turn to to look him up and down. The body of a fighter was evident, then again if what Nico had said was true then he was a super soldier so it wasn't a shock. I wonder how he'd do with Demigod training? After all, the scientist who created the super soldier serum was a decedent of Athena and Hephaestus who was trying to give Demigod enhanced stamina, strength, and speed to mortals. Everyone thinks his research was lost when he died. Nope, we have it at camp locked away in Bunker nine.With a lock even Leo cant open, we do not need that getting out into others hands. Not to mention it was still quite unstable outside of a body, once inside it stabilizes. Gah, off topic, ADHD go away.

"So... um... I'll be bringing you back to Avengers tower with me." Still lost in my assessment I only nodded stood slinging my backpack over my shoulder. I was reaching for my suitcases when his words hit me and I was left confused. I turned on my heels to look at him questioningly.

"The who tower? What the Hades are the 'Avengers'?"

---Tempting to end it there but that's far too short---

Steve does a very good impression of a gobsmacked fish. His mouth kept opening and closing while his eyes were buggish. Oh how I wish demigods could use phones. This would be the perfect picture for blackmail later. Oh wait, I have a digital camera, for some reason those dont attract monsters. I pulled it out of the side pocket of my backpack and snapped a picture before stuffing it in my pocket in case I need it again.

The clicking of my camera seemed to snap him out of his shocked daze. He also seemed to forget my question but he just opened the door for me before talking.

"Here let me get one of those cases." I almost declined for the same reason I din't let the cops take them, but then again, he's a super soldier, this might be amusing. I wonder if he can lift my case of weapons. I grabbed the heavy of the two just in case. He bent down to grab the other, but when he stood up trying to lift it, it barley even budged. I mentally snickered as he kept trying, and failing, to pick up my suit case. Guess that serum doesn't give enough strength to lift a case full of celestial bronze weapons.

His face was hilarious, he only managed to drag it a few inches. But i ended up taking pity on him and walked over. I grabbed the handle and lifted it up easily. hoping to avoid another shocked statue moment I spoke up.

"Are we going or not?"

Steve just nodded absently and walked out leading me out of the station. As we walked I had to bit my lip to keep from laughing. He was just walking like a mindless soul in the Fields of Asphodel. Looks like he doesn't know what to make of me.

I know its a short chapter but I didn't have much time to write this one.

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