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Thank you for the 7 votes on the description! So as promised, here is the prologue!!! Hope you enjoy it :D I'm going to need... 8 votes and 8 comments on this prologue in order to upload Chapter 1! Yeah it's a bit high but i know you guys can do it :D ENJOY!

I saw the headlights approaching so I quickly steered the car around but I was too slow. The oncoming truck slammed into the side of the car, where my 6 year old son was.

"Harry!" I yelled out before the darkness swept over me.


"Where am I!? Where's Harry!?" I asked frantically.

"You are in hospital. A truck ran into the side of your car while you were driving yesterday. You're fine and can be discharged today but your son is in surgery. He was hit badly. He has several broken bones and has nearly died in the surgery." The doctor explained

"I need to see him!!!!" I called out urgently. "he needs me with him! I'm his mother!"

"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to stay here and wait until he is in a stable condition." the doctor said to me. I sighed frustrated. Couldn't they see that I needed to see my baby!?

"Now, just stay here and we'll deal with your son." the doctor said.

"Ok." I said, surrendering. A few hours later the same doctor came back again.

"I have very good news for you! Your son is awake and well. Would you like to see him?" he asked.

"Yes!" I said happily. He helped me out of the bed and led me to my sons room. 

"Hello there!" I could hear Harry saying.

"I'm Harry. What's your name?" he asked someone. I peeked into the room but there was no one there.

"Niall? That's a cool name!" he said. I decided to let him talk a bit longer. 

"How old are you?" he said

"7 years old? You're a big boy! I'm only 6 years old." he continued

"Harry, who are you talking to?" I asked him, walking into the room.

"I'm talking to Niall!" he said

"Where is Niall?" I asked him.

"He's over there." he said, pointing towards the corner of the room. No one was there.

"There's no one there." I told him.

"Niall's there. He's a ghost." he said.

"Are you sure?" I asked him

"Yes. His name is Niall, he's 7 years old. He has blue eyes!" he replied, confidently. Oh my goodness. My son could see ghosts. My 6 year old son could see ghosts.

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