you're such a.

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" you keep calling, you keep calling
saying that you want it back
all my loving, all my loving
but you can't, you can't
you keep trying, you keep trying
with that sweet talk on your tongue
but I'm not buying, i'm not buying
i can't, i can't

'cause you had your chance and you blew it
yeah, you wrapped it out and you chewed it
and the more you talk, you prove it
yeah, you prove it

damn, you're such a
did you think that i would let you
crawl right back into my bedroom
after everything we've been through
i know the truth
that, damn, you're such a
difficult little devil
trying to put it back together
'cause you see i'm doing better
without you now

damn, you're such a
dadadadada dadadadada
damn, you're such a
i know the truth
damn, you're such a "

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