Chapter 5

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I was never a picture perfect student. It’s not that I was dumb, I still managed a 3.5 average, but I spent more time skipping class than attending it. Instead of sitting in a class listening to a teacher drone on about the exact stuff that was written in our text books, I chose to make use of the nearest janitor’s closet or under the bleachers. Cliché, but it’s been working for horny teenagers for years now, why mess with a good thing?

Regardless of all that, I could honestly say this was the first time, probably since my first day of kindergarten, that I was actually excited about the first day of school. Not because of all the new chicks I would meet, or because I suddenly decided to take an interest in school. No it was because of one single she wolf who wanted nothing to do with me.


Just saying her name had my wolf chomping at the bit to get to her. I already had a long lecture from Josh about how to treat her. There were also some threats to my health if I dared to mess around with any girls other than my mate now that I found her. 

He didn’t have to worry, I may have been the king of man whores, but since finding my mate all other she wolves paled in comparison to her. Tiffany was still being insistent that we get together, she tried to convince me just last night, saying for old times sake but I cut her line instantly. She needed to understand that I was done with her, the only one I wanted was Arianna, whether she wanted me or not.

I wanted to make a good impression when I saw her again, so I grabbed my nicest pair of jeans, slipped on a light blue collared shirt, and threw on my new pair of Jordan’s, then headed downstairs for some breakfast. I stopped at the mirror in the hallway to smooth my hair down and remove the piece of toilet paper that was covering the nick on my chin I got while shaving this morning. Satisfied that I looked the best I could at the moment, I headed to the kitchen and smiled when I saw my mothers small frame in front of the stove frying up some bacon.

I snuck up behind her, ready to grab her from behind in a hug that would lift her off her feet when her warning voice stopped me, “Try that on me Ashtyn James Middleton and no matter how big you are I will put you over my knee and show you that this metal tongs in my hand is good for way more than frying bacon.”

I smiled sheepishly, still amazed that my mother had the ability to see behind her head. “Sorry Ma.”

“Uh huh, now sit down, breakfast is almost done.”

I laughed while studying my mom. She was small, just barely over five feet, and my father and I both towered over her, but what she lacked in size she made up for in spirit. My dad and I both knew not to get on her bad side because she packed quite a punch. In that essence she reminded me of my mate. My mom was very pretty, with her blonde hair and hazel eyes like mine, and she still stayed fit even at the age of 37. Both my parents were in excellent shape and I hoped I aged as well as them.

I took a sip of the orange juice my mom had poured me and just as I finished, she placed a plate full of toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, and bacon in front of me. I wasted no time digging in, smiling my thanks with a mouthful and earning me a reprimanding look before her love for her only son won out and she kissed my head. Just then my father came into the kitchen, and as he did every morning, walked straight towards my mother, bending her backwards for a smoldering kiss then waggling his eye brows at me as if to say, “You’re old man’s still got it.”

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