Chapter Thirty- Full Moon Rising

Start from the beginning

As you read this you may be wondering what this back-story has to do with anything. Well as I began thinking through your past and seeing the good side of Lockheart you'd forgotten I realized something. Locked away from my mind was something deeply important that you needed to know. This was the first information I've ever actually had to search for and in a way it was thrilling.

Every time I learned something new it was like a rollarcoaster. Now what I am about to share with you is something that could change the course of your life forever. Everything you've believed about Lockheart and yourself is essentially only part of it. Between the two of you there is an entirely different side that must be unlocked before you can do anything. There are people who seek to destoy this bond that the two of you share and they will succeed unless you know exactly what it is.

I want you to think long and hard Amanda (because I know you're memories have been given back to you) and remember any of the times Lockheart has acted in kindness.

Closing my eyes I searched through every possible memory I had, finding that if I tried hard enough the happy times weren't too hard to find.

In one instance Lockheart was hugging me as I cried, saying he was sorry for all the terrible things he'd been doing. Slow tears slid down his face as he told me it wasn't the way thing were supposed to be...we were cursed he'd said. How this had escaped from me I didn't know but in the moment I wished it never had.

Then there was another time Lockheart smiled at me, patching up a scrape I'd gotten playing outside. His brilliant smile radiated throughout me as he chatted away about nothing in the world. My young mind was at peace just watching him.

How could it be that I'd lost sight of this kind Lockheart? What had happened to him in all those instances that made him so cruel?

I know it may be a challenge for you to see those memories after so much emotion of hate towards him. However, it wasn't exactly his fault the evil he was causing.

As I began to research your situation I came across an old werewolf prophecy (and I know what you're thinking, but trust in what I have to say) about twins. It was stated in this prophecy that when a pair of twins is born into werewolves they are cursed with a powerful burden. One twin is given the highest power known to all creatures and without the right control, will drive that twin into evil. However, in order for that power to even out the other twin is born to be known as the "control". The control's job is to take away any evil power into their body so that the powerful twin will not be driven into it.

There is of course a ritual that is to be performed on all werewolf twins to keep this taking of evil from happening. It is a cleansing ritual that sucks any source of evil from both twins and that way they can go on living their life the way they were meant to. One as the power and the other as the control. Yet it is evident to me that this wasn't performed when you and Lockheart were born. So now I want you to think about your parents. Were they the people you thought they were? How did they treat Lockheart as opposed to yourself?

My mind was swimming from all of this. Joseph was trying to help me here with this information but it seemed insane. Then again it made sense in a way. Supposedly I was one with a lot of power and the only time it seemed that I could use it was around Lockheart who most of the time didn't seem quite right in the head. Other occasions it seemed that he would break free from that and go into a normal person. So is there a way this could be real?

However the matter at hand right now was if my parents were the people I believed them to be. From my perspective they'd always cared for me and made sure I had anything I needed, but was that the same thing from Lockheart's perspective. Thinking back I could remember mom always accusing Lockheart of doing things to harm either me or Haden. Not to mention the punishments she had for him were usually way over-dramatic. Even times when Lockheart didn't do anything she would yell at him over things in the past or go on about what he would do in the future. No wonder Lockheart resented her...she hated him.

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