Chapter Thirty- Full Moon Rising

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Welcome to the second to last chapter of part one! I just wanted to say before you continue reading that I am so happy for all of your support. It means the world to me and I really hope you enjoy the chapter! In other news I'd like to thank bejaythom for the super nice comment she left in the last chapter. Check out her page when you get the chance!


Chapter Thirty- Full Moon Rising

July 3rd: Full Moon

It was the evening of the full moon and I couldn't feel any less prepared than I was now. Blue Eyes, Joseph, Andy, and Courtney had already went to the secure room with Haden who would make sure they didn't escape so I didn't have any of them to talk with anymore. Though Dylan and Snow were hanging about I was feeling more alone than ever.

Before he'd left Blue Eyes had pulled me aside, locking my lips with his own so forcefully that I was worried he actually thought this was the last time he would ever get to see me. Then, with one last longful glance he walked out of the room. By the time I finally got the courage to leave he was long gone and I hoped that it wouldn't be the last time I would get to see him.

Haden had pulled me into a bone crushing hug earlier on in the day, saying that he fully expected to be yelling at me again in no time. I had smiled at the time, but a deep sadness filled my heart. Why did it seem like everyone was saying good-bye. Or was it me who was making it out that way?

Even Andy who I hadn't expected to be too upset and hugged me and said how glad he was that he knew me. Although he tried to cover it up I thought I could feel his tears on my skin.

These people who I'd only known for a short time had all been there for me and I would never forget them. I fully intended on seeing them all again, but that feeling of loss was lodged inside me. Could I really manage this without failure? Many people were depending on it and I didn't want to let them down.

"Hey," Snow said, walking outside where I was seated, "Joseph wanted me to give this to you before the mission."

Looking back I saw a slick envelope in Snow's hand. It seemed odd that Joseph would write me a letter when he'd clearly been avoiding me when it was time for everyone to wish me luck. Perhaps he was just having trouble with what he would say to me or he knew something I didn't. Either way I took the letter from Snow and watched as he went back into the house.

My fingers were timid as I took out the contents of the envelope. There was a simply folded piece of paper as well as a necklace on a golden chain, the charm resembling half of a moon. It looked like the charm would fit with someone elses necklace.

Holding the necklace tightly in my hand, I began readin the letter.

Dear Amanda,

Over these past few weeks I have learned something most interesting. When you once described your brother Lockheart as crazy and without passion, I was a bit intrigued. You see I have always had an ability with knowing things without even having to search for the answer. Ever since I was a kid I was able to tell thing about people's past and other aspects of their life. My mother told me that werewolves were sometimes born with special powers than just transformation.

So as I remembered my mother saying this to me I began to think about all the things I'd seen in your past. I found that your weakness is only seeing the bad in your twin brother, but there was a time in your life that you forgot; a time when you loved him more than anything. It's true that you always sort of looked up to him because he showed you everything you knew, but you did see something terrible inside him.

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