Chapter Seven - Unexpected.

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Noah gently placed me back beside him, he smirked and shifted slightly. I frowned and folded my arms across my chest.

"I was two seconds away from slapping you." I lied.

"Yeah, right." Noah laughed.

I stood up and walked to the door of the living room. "I was." I huffed. "Or maybe I was about to rock your world... guess we'll never know."

I sauntered away, scaling the stairs without looking back. Two could play at this game he'd played. I could tease him just as much as he thought he could tease me. Being a virgin didn't mean I was a prude.

Once I was back in the bedroom I sat down and instantly remembered why I'd gone downstairs in the first place. Thoughts began flooding in with the silence that surrounded me. I stood up and opened the closet. I was still only in my underwear and Noah's shirt. I took out a pair of black yoga pants and a white singlet and threw them on. I walked back downstairs and into the living room.

"Back so soon huh." Noah noted. "Miss me."

I frowned and sat down on one of the other couches in the room.

"I remembered why I came down here. Everything is on my mind. I can't call Mom. I can't do anything." I bit back on the emotion in my throat. After the shit Noah had just pulled the last thing I wanted was for him to pull me close again. All of this... everything had me thinking and feeling very odd things.

"Come." Noah whispered standing up, he walked over to me and held out his hand. "We'll raid the cupboards for comfort food and watch movies."

I smiled and nodded, placing my hand in his. "Okay."

Turns out the kitchen was very well stocked. Popcorn, chocolate, ice cream and numerous bottles of wine. We walked back into the living room and dumped everything on the coffee table. Noah disappeared for a few minutes, but returned with a big fluffy blanket.

Once we sat down though, neither one of us picked up the remote to watch anything.

"I shouldn't have done that before." Noah whispered. He put the blanket over us both. "It was wrong."

"Yeah." I murmured. "But it's your job right... making people believe you want them, only to jab them with a stealthy needle at the last second."

Noah smiled and shook his head. "You've watched way too many spy movies. Besides, I didn't jab you with a needle."

I raised my eyebrow and gazed down. "Didn't you?"

Noah's mouth fell open and he bit back a chuckle. "You're hilarious."

"Look it's fine. Like I said. I get it. I was coming for your work and you wanted to show me it's every bit as cool as ALIAS makes it out to be, but you know... I was just teasing."

Noah let his head fall back on the sofa, he turned to face me and bit his lip. "So was I. I didn't think about it. The way your ex was with you. The pressure. It wasn't cool of me to do the same, joking or not."

I smiled and mirrored the way he sat. "You're a very sweet person." I murmured. "Just for the record, I didn't think of Josh or the way he was. Not to inflate your ego or anything... but I uh, might've enjoyed the proximity."

I bit my lip and held back a girlish giggle. I knew Noah was begin genuine, that he truly felt bad about what he'd done. I on the other hand planned to win this odd little game we were playing.

"Really?" He whispered, his eyebrows raised and he lifted his head.

I shrugged and licked my lips. "You'll never know."

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