chapter 15

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Rosie pov:-

"They told you, didn't they?", He chuckled but it was far from happy. I stayed silent not answering his question

"I don't need your pity", I gasped as he roughly pushed me off, I fell on the ground due to the force. Regret flashed in his eyes but it was gone as quickly as it came. I swallowed my tears and stood up. I took a step towards him but stopped when he held his hand at me and walked away leaving me alone.


"Luna, are you okay", I quickly wiped my tears and turned towards miya smiling a fake smile at her.

"Yes, I'm fine", I went near the bed and sat down. The food smelled delicious but I didn't have the appetite to eat. Its been two days, since I had seen him. After he stormed off, the guards came and informed me that he has gone to human kingdom because of some business. He didn't even inform me he just left.

"Miya, you can leave", she didn't leave but looked at me with concern.

"But ,luna it...", She began but I interrupted her

"Leave, miya", she sighed and went away. I wiped the fallen tears and stood up from the bed. I went inside the bathing chambers, I stripped out of my clothes and went inside the pool. I shivered at first because of the cold water but got used to it later.

I went inside till the water reached my chest level. I just stood there looking at nothing particular. I thought of the times we spent together from the day when we met for the first time, the day of our marriage, our first kiss, the kiss in the forest, I chuckled at how he kissed me till I fell unconscious, all our Happy moment.

"What is so amusing, my little wife, care to share?", I jumped startled clutching my hand to my chest, before I could turn around, two arms snaked around my bare waist pulling me to a hard chest. My bare back was to his bare chest.

"Don't scare me like that", he just chuckled at me and leaned his head on my neck and kissed on the mark. I shivered but not out of cold but by his kisses. He kissed from my shoulder to my jaw. I arched my neck to give him better access which he gladly made use of.

" So the big bad wolf is not angry at his innocent little wife anymore", I teased him, waving my hand back and forth. he laughed throwing his head back, his laughter vibrated through my whole body.

"Yes, so I'm the big bad wolf?", He bit my earlobe earning a moan from me. I just nodded at him. In one flash he turned me around so my front was facing him.

" Do you know what big bad wolves do to their innocent wife", I blushed red when he eyed my bare chest for a moment before bringing his eyes back to mine. I gulped and nodded in no. The air around us suddenly became hot, I felt hot even though I was in cold water.

"Do you want to know", he whispered in his husky voice in my ear and kissed just below my ear. I nodded in yes, I don't what came in to me but I felt a little braver today. His grey eyes visibly changed to golden making his wolf presence known. I wrapped my hands around his neck bringing myself closer to him, our bare body touching each other.

He groaned and in one swift moment he lifted me on his shoulder and the next thing I know was that I was dropped on the bed. I swallowed hard my chest heaving up and down. He hovered above me and traced his finger from my neck to till my hip and back. I gulped the moan that was threatening to com out.

He was as bare as me, I kept my eyes on his face not daring to look down. He leaned above me, the drops of water from his body fell on my already wet body. He captured my lips in his in a passionate and long kiss. He warm hands roamed my wet body, making my cold body to heat up. The kiss was hard and filled with desire. My hands roamed on his back. I pushed my body to his touching every inch of his skin with my own. He groaned in my mouth and pulled back for air, before diving to my neck and kissed every inch of my skin.

" If you want to stop, stop me now before I lose control", he said still nibbling on the area just above my bosom. I lifted his head from my chest and looked in his eyes. Without answering his question I bought his lips to mine and kissed him pouring all my emotions in the kiss.

That gave him the answer he needed and that night we become one, our souls became one. Our relationship became more stronger and stronger.


"So beautiful"


"My queen,my mate"

" My pretty little wife, you can stop pretending to be asleep, I know that your already awake ", his chuckles filled the room, he nuzzled his nose on my neck and inhaled my scent. His fingers traced softly on my bare waist, awaking my every nerves. I buried my head in his chest to hide my blushing face feeling shy.

"Look at me", he wis whispered, his voice husky and mild.  I shyly bought my gaze to his, he moved me on top of him, my bare chest touching his. I blushed even more red if that was even possible.

"My beautiful wife", he took my hand in his and kissed my knuckles. A frown itched on my face, his lips didn't move but I heard his voice. Was I Imagining things now, wait am I going insane.

"Your not, my darling wife it was me your big bad wolf ", I gasped and sat up on his stomach. I looked at him with wide eyes. His eyes dropped to my bare chest, his eyes visibly changed its colour to golden. I slapped his chest to get his attention back.

"I heard you speak but your lips didn't move how's that possible", his eyes were still glued to my chest. I huffed and covered my bosoms with my hands

"Answ.....", Before I could finish, he flipped us, now he was on top of me. His eyes were gleaming golden with a predator look on his face.

Uh oh I created a beast now.



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