24. Trouble in Paradise

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Dedicated to: janecullen03

Hey! SO in reply to your comment, yeah, last chapter was more of a filler. But it was still needed. It’s all part of my master plan. Muahahahaha! :3

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    September 13th

    Agent R. Harris is confronted by Susan Mitchell. Agents R. Harris and A. Peterson discover a setback in the mission.

    24: Trouble in Paradise

    Date: September 13th

Somehow I find myself standing in front of the pink door that leads to the inside of my dorm, and I am not making any movements to open the door. There are plenty of ways I could get inside. Kicking the door open would suffice. Or even just using my room key.

       But I do nothing.

       It isn’t a good idea to go inside.

       I turn around and inspect the hallways as if expecting them to throw an empty room full of answers my way. It would be nice. And also physically impossible.

       A door closes behind me, and I swivel back to face the pink door only to find myself staring at the one person I was trying to avoid.

       Susan’s dark eyes seem to be even darker upon seeing my face. She stands straight and tall, and if I weren’t playing the part of Rachel Williams she would be towering over me. Her glowing bronze face is devoid of any desire to see mine. In her hand she holds a purse and a pink lipstick tube is wedged between her fingers as her other hand rests on the doorknob behind her.

       We eye each other equally.

       “Susan,” I greet.

       She doesn’t return the greeting. Instead she narrows her eyes at me. “I heard you’re a suspect for the kidnapping.”

      My mouth goes dry. “I’m not,” I tell her. I’m not entirely sure if I’m lying or not.

       But either way Susan doesn’t believe me. “Rachel, do you know something? About where Adrian is?” Her voice is laced with accusation.

       “No,” I state flatly. “If I knew where he was I would tell someone.”

       “Why?” she says.

       Her question catches me off guard. “What?”

       “Why would you tell someone where he is?” Susan asks, stepping closer to me. She puts her lipstick inside her purse and places her free hand on her hip. “You were broken up. In fact, he was a complete jerk to you. How can anyone be sure that you’d speak up if you knew something?”

       “Because I’m not a psychopath who wants my ex-boyfriend to be kidnapped,” I snap at her.

       A group of girls walks by us as I say the words, watching Susan and my exchange with interest, and I regret saying anything about Adrian being my ex-boyfriend in the sentence. I wait until they pass us completely to continue speaking.

       “Look, Susan, I don’t know anything that could help the police find Adrian, okay? I would do anything to help find him. When I broke up with Adrian I didn’t suddenly forget how much I cared for him.”

       Susan smiles frigidly. “But it seemed a lot like he did.”

       I don’t realize it at first, but her words hit a nerve. I blink at her, unsure of what to say at the moment.

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