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Malia's Outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was climbing on the play ground jungle gym because Zuri wanted to go down the slide but this kid is not moving

"Hey Kid" i said as he didn't look at me

"My name is Axel" Alxel said man this kid is annoying.

"Okay hey Axel FYI all the fun happens on the trip down " Zuri said as i nodded

"I don't go down my slide until Nanny Agatha sanitizes it " Alxel said man i really hate this kid

"Your slide you can't own the slide slides belong to the people" i said as i put my fist in the air

"Go away or i call my Nanny" Alxel said as i glared at him

"Oh you wanna play the Nanny Card?" Zuri asked as we both looked at each other and nodded

"Jessie!" Me and Zuri yelled as Jessie ran over to us

"Okay what's the damage on scale of hugs to hospital?" Jessie asked someone will end up in the hospital if he doesn't move

"This kid Axel is hogging the slide " i said annoyed

"Oh well I'm sure he'll move if we ask him nicely hi sweetie would you please..." Jessie said as Axel galred at her

"Shut your piehole" Axel said as me and Zuri gasped a little

"Okay you two let's go find his Nanny we need a brat whisper oh hi we're looking for Axel nanny" Jessie said as a woman turned around

"Ugh!" Jessie and Zuri said

"Yikes she looks like Curella Devil after when she comes back from the spa " i said

"I am Axel nanny Agatha and who might you be ?" Agatha asked

"Uh I am Zuri and Malia's Nanny Jessie I'm also creeped out by her human footrest" Jessie said

"I want to go down the slide!" Zuri yelled as she held my hand

"But it seems your kid thinks it's a library so if you wouldn't mind asking him to share?" Jessie asked

"Clearly you've not been here at this time of day so you're forgiven for not knowing the rules from 1:00 to 5:00 this is my park and in my park Axel doesn't share " Agatha said man i hate her to

"I'm pretty sure you don't own Central park" Jessie said as i nodded

"For her sake i hope she doesn't own a mirror  " i said as Zuri smiled a little

"And for the mirror sake " Jessie whispered me and Zuri laughed a bit

"Nanny Agatha these stupud girls tried to us my slide and made me lose my place in my book" Axel said what did he just call me Jessie had to hold me back because i was about to Attack him Zuri saw this

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