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Oh hello Im updating yay

You could wait three days for your head to stop dieing, while this happens you spend most of your time hiding outside seeing as it would calm your mind, and make you forget your head was dieing in the first place.

This repeats until the three days were up, and then all h3ll broke lose. Meaning, all of the childish creepypastas were back to their playing around, causing fights, and all that stuff, of course you where now shoved into this disaster..it was happening before the three days were up but mow your apart of it.

You of course made allys with some of the cps, they would assist you in times of which others began to bug you or try to cause a fight near by(Jeff, Jane Im looking at you two and have been this entire time). You try to escape to the outside in which you sometimes meet Slenderp and you two would talk..or sit in silence watching the world. Until someone ruins it.

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