Bellatrixia: II

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Taehyung packed his bag which consists of a humble set of toiletries and clothing that'll last for at least four days and three nights - the bare necessities. However, it was nothing compared to the photography equipment that he'll be bringing to Jeju for the photoshoot.

He never really had to plan on what to wear since most of the time he'll be cooped up in his hotel room to review the shots taken that day. Other than that, it is usually a very informal setting of eating barbeque with the whole crew at night and drinking, albeit sparingly since he has to remain sober to fully function. Not to mention Joohyun would be there.


Taehyung visibly gulped as he placed a nice set of boxers in his carry on luggage and sighed out loud - the moment when Ms. Katy informed him of Joohyun's participation in this upcoming shoot ringing in his ears.


"Bae Joohyun?"

"The one and only." Ms. Katy looked at him almost apologetically, reaching out her hand to touch his arm, "You know the company likes her."

I also still like her.

Taehyung shook his head as if clearing out his thoughts and looked back at Ms. Katy with more focused eyes.

"But have you seen her?!" Taehyung whispered-shouted leaning towards the producer in front of him.

"Well who haven't?" Ms. Katy whisper-shouted back, jerking slightly at Taehyung's sudden action. "And why are we whisper-shouting? It's not as if someone's eavesdropping on us."

"I mean she's... she's..." He paused and thought.

Too pretty? Too unreachable? Too perfect?

Should I tell Ms. Katy that I cannot work with the person who was the first to make me want to paint a thousand words with a single click?

Should I tell her that's she's the reason why I wanted to immortalize moments in frames?

Should I tell her that the break-up was my fault, because I began to feel regret for picking up a camera?

Should I tell her that I do not want to work with Joohyun, not because I hate her but because I fail to capture her essence in my photographs?

"She's not a generic model, Taehyung. If the concern is that she doesn't embody the idea of diverse in your opinion, a lot would differ." Ms. Katy looked him in the eye, searching its depths to convey her thoughts to him fully, so that it will ease the photographer's thoughts.

It has been his issue with her. It was his own selfish concerns. He should not drag the whole team just because of the insecurity of working with her makes him feel.

"My point is, she might be trending and hot right now, but you know where she came from. No one's too perfect in this industry. Everyone has their own insecurities. And her, you probably know hers."

Ms. Katy has worked with Taehyung even before he became one of the most sought after advertising photographers in the scene. That includes, of course knowing him when he was still with Joohyun.

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