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Chapter Thirty Nine- I've Come Home

The tires of the car slowly rolled to a halt as I sighed and looked up at the old house that I was very familiar with. I rested my forehead against the steering wheel, trying to take deep and calming breaths. Suddenly I regretted my decision and wished that I was back home with Lily, showing her what my life had been like. She had been asking Clay and I stories about our childhood for hours.

But no, instead of enjoying time with my daughter, I'm here in front of a house that I haven't seen since I was a teenager. And I didn't know what to expect from Will. I hadn't really talked with him since that night with Blake. But apparently everyone is chummy with him again, including Clay- who swore that he would never talk with him peacefully again.

Clay's encouragement of coming here was enough to make me want to be sick. Sure the last time- besides the run in at the store- was nice, and he was normal, and I felt like I could trust him in that instance. But I was exhausted, worried about Tom, the wedding, and had just been harassed by Blake. Obviously I wasn't thinking too straight.

I banged my hand on the steering wheel, in complete annoyance with myself, before removing my key from the ignition and stepping out of Bluebell. I sighed as I ran my hands through my curly mess of hair and walked up to the house.

After a moment of hesitation I knocked on the door; silently praying that he wouldn't answer. I waited for a minute before I realized how stupid this was and turned around preparing to walk down the path way and back to my car, when I heard the door open and his voice call my name.

I resisted the urge to flinch and run far far away. I let my shoulders sag as I turned around and felt my jaw tighten. As I looked upon his face my mind raced through memories, all of the times we had together, how many feeling we had shared, and how much in love we were.

And I did something that I, and Will for that matter, was shocked at. I ran into his arms and hugged my arms around his waist as silent tears streamed down my face, and stained his red shirt. Slowly he wrapped his arms around me and began to brush my hair softly. "What's wrong?" He whispered, in a strained voice.

"Everything," I hiccupped as I squeezed him tighter to me, not wanting to let go of the last bit of my life that hadn't been corrupted by Tom's presence.

He pulled back from our embrace and shut the door, his eyes were confused as he shook his head. "What are you talking about?"

I took deep breaths as I wiped my hand under my eye, and crossed my arms refusing to look him in the eye. "I'm getting divorced," I whispered, suddenly ashamed under his gaze.

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