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A/N hate me if you want but with not receiving requests i am having a hard time thinking of stuff to write here is a long overdue update.


A/N this is based off of the 2014-2016 movie were they are like 7 feet tall. you are 5'7 and splinter is alive.


Raph's P.O.V

i was sitting in the Hashi trying to find out why sensei sent me in here, oh wait yeah i forgot i went to hard on (Y/n), my baby sis during training and broke her arm and she started to cry. "shit!" i said getting up and walking over to the door "hey somebody let me out a here" i said seeing Mikey on couch "no way dude not after what you did to (N/n) she won't come out of the lab cause you scared her." he said back as dad walked by "father please let me out, i need ta talk ta (Y/n)." i asked him "are you going to apoligys to your sister my son?" he asked in a stern tone "yes father."i said "very well." he said unlocking the door.

Donnie's P.O.V

(Y/n) was sitting in my lap as i worked on a project in my lab. she may be my older sister but she is smaller then me. "Don?" she asked as she leaned into my plastrum slightly "yeah?" i asked her "what dose Anemothitical mean?" she asked "(Y/n) thats not even a word" i said laphing "ugh then what dose this say?" she asked pointing to her comic book "hmm Abadextric it means to be able to write with both hands" i told her "oh thanks baby bro" she said as she went back to reading. "Hey, (Y/n) we need ta talk." Raph said as he barged in to the lab "ahh!!!" she screasmed going into one of the cabnits to hide. "Raph out now!" i yelled at him "not untill i talk to (Y/n)." he said with anger in his voice "no way Raph, you terified her get out." i said with no emotion in my voice hopeing he would just o away but no. he pushed past me and pulled the cabnit door open and yanked (Y/n) out "no let go!!!" she screamed as leo ran in "raph let (Y/n) go and go back to the hashi." Leo said with a stern tone "ugh not happenin ferlis." Raph retorted and draged (Y/n) to his room and locked the door

Leo's P.O.V

"Raph open this door now!" i yelled whail pounding my fist on the door. "go away Fearless im tryin ta talk ta (Y/n)." he said back "dont make me kick the door down." i hissed at him "its stainless steel Leo you cant kick it down." he said back "shell." i mumbled to my self and went to the dojo to meditate

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"Raph let me go" i yelled kicking his arm "calm down (n/n) im not gonna hurt ya." he said "i dont want to be in here let me out." i said in a stern voice like dad "cut the crap (Y/n)." he said hugging me "Excuse me." i snapped "shut the shell up and listen to me." yelled "make me!!" i shouted "ugh im done fighting with you i just wanna-" "wanna what Raph!" i cut him off. "o my fucking god (Y/n) shut the hell up!" he sniped at me sounding pissed "NO! WHAT YOU DID WAS WRONG! IM NOT GONNA SHUT UP CAUSE YOU'RE A-" "im sorry i didn't mean ta hurt ya!!!" he yelled cutting me off "wha-" "shut up already." he said cutting me off before he hugged me and started playing with my hair "i hate that your an ass." i said "i hate that your a bitch so were even." he said "love you big bro." i said sleepily from all the yelling "love ya to baby sis" he said before i passed out.

Mikey's P.O.V

Don finally manged to pick raph's door after an HR and a half everyone was gathered around when we open it expecting to fine (Y/n) dead or hurt but nope we found her and raph fast asleep so i snapped a picture "black mail!" i wispier shouted and ran to my room


hey look im not dead! sorry for not updating but i have been sick and go grounded for like the past week. i will update more frequently but i need request i take all requests including OC's so feel free to comment or PM me what you wanna see. i need suggestions to because i cant think of anything to wright so please help me!

by Love's~ Marcellus

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