Chapter Thirty One

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It was only a few hours after Ally had called me. Though she said she would call me again tonight, I hadn't heard anything back from her yet.

I called over a few of my friends, and went into the basement for a smoke. I needed to get my mind off of Ally for a while.

After finishing, I called Ally.

"Hey babe," I slurred, hearing her answer.

"Hi, sorry Ally just went to the washroom. This is Keaton."


"Keaton. I'm on a date with Ally," He paused, "I think it's a date. Who's this?"

"I'm Demi. Also known as Ally's girlfriend," I growled.

Ally was on a date? On her first day of leaving me?

"Oh. She didn't tell me about you," Keaton said, obliviously.

"Oh really?"

"No, I didn't know. I'm sorry," He replied.

"Just know that Ally is mine, okay? She's mine and all mine. So stay away from her. She doesn't even like boys," I spat.

Up until now, Keaton sounded so kind, and gentle.

"Seriously? Because I would have thought she had mentioned her girlfriend to me, before agreeing to go on a date with me. Maybe it's all in your head."

The line went dead.

I walked my friends out, still feeling the high. I stumbled towards the couch, my emotions swirled inside of me.

I couldn't process whethere I was furious, or miserable. Somewhere in between, I'm assuming.

I tried to shut my eyes, but my mind was all over the place, as it always was after smoking.

Maybe Ally was trying to make me jealous.

But something about that theory didn't seem right.


"Hey," I smiled at Keaton, taking a seat next to him again.

"Hi," He replied.

He handed me my phone, as I'd left it with him when I went to the bathroom.

I frowned, noticing I'd gotten a call from Demi. And it had been answered.

"Did you talk to Demi?" I demanded.

"What?" He looked up at me, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth. "Oh, yeah I did."

"And...what did she say?"

"She was pissed," He mumbled.


"Because we're on a date," He stated.

My mind grew foggy. I guess we were on a date. I just cheated on Demi?

"I'm sorry Keaton, I had fun with you, I really did," I admitted. "But I have to talk to Demi and make sure she's okay. I'll talk to you soon, okay?"

Keaton stood up, and wrapped his arms around me.

His lips brushed my ear and he muttered, "okay."

He released me too soon.

I began my walk home, and dialed Demi's number. My fingers shook as I pressed talk, and heard it ringing.


"Keaton? Or is this Ally now?"

There was anger evident in her voice that was for some reason quite raspy.

"Demi, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Can we talk?"

"About how you went on a date and cheated on me? You've been gone for like a day!"

"I know," I sighed. "I know. I don't know what I was thinking."

Demi reminded silent. I could hear her slow breathing over the line.

"I didn't do anything with him."


"He hugged me, but.." I trailed off.

Demi's breathing rate increased and she stuttered, "d-did he make you feel the way I do?"

"No, Demi. He didn't. I mean, he did, a little bit. Not as strong as you do. I miss you," I whimpered.

"I'll give you some time to figure this out," Demi said.

"Are you crying baby?" I asked her, frowning.

"I'm fine. Just call me when you get everything worked out. I understand," She breathed.

"I love you Dems. I'll call you," I assured her.

I heard a faint murmer of 'I love you more.'

I shut off my phone after Demi disconnected, and as I turned onto the street I cursed simultaneously.

I hated this house, this town, this school. I just wanted Demi to hold me. Or Keaton. No. Demi. Demi. Demi, I reminded myself.

I walked in and kicked off my shoes.

My Mom stood at the door, smiling.

"Hi sweetie," She grinned.

I looked at her, and without another word I ran upstairs to my tiny bedroom, where I threw my phone against the wall.

The glass smashed and flew everywhere, but I didn't care. I kicked at my bedposts, hurting nothing but myself.

I couldn't make up my mind.

Keaton was nice, he was really nice. I wouldn't mind going out with him again.

But Demi was the one who I had been with through everything. She was the best person in my life, the one I trusted most, and the one I loved the most.

I needed to talk to someone, and somehow sort out these feelings.

I walked to the edge of the room and picked up my phone, the screen cracked and shattered.

Surprisingly, it turned on.

I called the first person I saw, as well as the first person on my mind.


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