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Third Pov

"Are you guys the members of bts... Jungkooks out of surgery."

Before the doctor could say anything else everyone was quick on their feet including Jin which left taehyung on the floor confused till he caught on and doing the same.

"Is he okay"

"Is he awake?"

"When can we see him?"

"Can we see him?"

" What's wrong with him?"

"Did he make it?"

After the last question asked by namjoon everyone stopped talking facing the dark truth of jungkook was either okay or not okay.

"Jungkook is alive and will be okay, he is very lucky he survived his injuries were extremely serious. He will be in alot of pain and He won't be able to move around so well for the next few weeks or his stitches will open. Right now he's still out but should wake up soon if you would like to quietly wait in his room with him. He should only have to stay here another night." The professional looking doctor said.

The members sighed in relief and looked at Namjoon expecting him to be the one to talk to the doctor.

"Thank you Dr. Can we know what room he's in."

The doctor gave him a sweet smile before sayond, "yes of course he's in room 2-141 walk straight and turn left and it's the first door... But before you go I need to ask you a few questions about Jungkook.'' the doctor said changing his voice to a low serous tone.

That low tone caused the members spit second of hope to disappear.

"Uh- yes what are they?" Namjoon said forcing a smile.

"We should sit down for this." The doctor said putting his warm smile back on his face almost to comfort the boys.

This caused the boys hearts to drop... Not having any idea why the doctor would want to talk to them sitting down, that's almost like something your parents say when they are trying to break bad news to you and don't want you to lose your shit.

As they all sat down eyes all laied on the doctor not prepared for what he was about to ask.

"Well we were operating on him we noticed he had recent scars on his upper thigh and slight old ones that could have been caused months to years ago.'' when the members heard this their hearts dropped and shock wave written all over their faces. Tae out of all of them was panicking.

"So what I wanted to ask was if you were aware of him cutting or harming himself in other ways... We also noticed that he hasn't been eating well we know you Idols are supposed to go on strict diets but from the test we took it looks like he hasn't ate in at least 3 days. So we are concerned for his mental health in about any depression or eating disorder past or present problem's?"

Jin and jimin had started to silently sob. Well namjoon and hobi were completely frozen in shock and wonder, yoongi got Dangerously silent thinking about how he used to be suicidal. Well taehyung sat their looking down silently.

"N-no of course not I mean he's always overworked himself but he have never worked at least I have never seen him cut or starve himself or anything like that.'' namjoon said in disbelief he was even talking about Jungkook in a state like that.

"Yeah I mean he always seemed pretty happy if-if I knew he was harming him self i-i would of helped or told someone" jimin choked out through his sobs.

Well all the members were telling the doctor that they had no idea about Jungkook doing that to himself taehyung sat there looking down sadly.... he felt guilty.

"I knew" taehyung said rather loudly but still looking down causing all the members and the doctor to stop talking look at him with confusion, anger and almost hurt.

Yoongi was the first to say something

"What?!" He said anger clearly visible in his voice.

Jimin looked at taehyung with shame "y-you knew?!"

"Jimin i-" tae started

"YOU FUCKING KNEW JUNGKOOK WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM SELF AND YOU JUST SAT ON YOUR ASS AND KEPT QUITE YO-" Jimin the usual peace making mochi yelled with tears still streaming down his face. But before he could finish the doctor interrupted.

" boys it's not my place to tell you to stop arguing but as of right now I need answers from the only person here who knows why or how Jungkook did it so please taehyung continue" the Doctor said eyes on the guilty looking taehyung.

" It was last year the night he tripped in Japan and bumped into me causing me to miss my line at the concert, when I walked in on him about to consume a handful of pills he had blood dripping from his wrist and thigh..." Taehyung cringed at the memory he always tried to block out.

"...he told me that night he used to cut in trainee days but that was his first time acculy trying to kill himself. He said the reason he was doing it was because he felt- he felt he was just holding us back as a group because he took all the spotlight and then he went on saying he wasn't even that good he was 'fatter, slower, uglier' than all of us and couldn't understand why he was favored so much. He was reading hare comments about himself right before apparently. Which kinda triggered him to do it. " Taehyung looked up and met eyes with his angry and sad looking brothers.

" he tried to kill himself because he wanted us to be able to live our dreams he thought he was holding us back... And he just- just didn't like himself. That night I promised him i wouldn't say anything anyone if he didn't do it again... And if he did I'd tell you all."

Now all the members had glassy eyes whether the tears were actually falling or not .

"Then as for the new ones... this morning hobi hyung tackled him and i saw him whimper when hobi pinned his arms down so I pulled him aside and made him show me and sure enough he had done it again. This time because of hate he was receiving. From new international fans. I never saw him not eat though now that I think of it he was lighter this morning than usual... I was supposed to tell you guys and manager like I said I would but...b-but I didn't and im-im s-so sorry" taehyung broke down at the end bawling his eyes out .

The doctor patted his shoulder smiled and walked away thanking him for the information and he would be back with them.

Everyone was frozen from what they just heard ... How could they not know their baby they were supposed to protect and keep safe was hurting himself mentally and physically and they never noticed just because a fake smile.

"T-tae I'm not saying your not in the wrong but it's okay I'm sure you feel horrible and bad enough we're not mad more disappointed" namjoon said glassy eyes weak voice but still hugging taehyung well the rust joined the hug letting out their tears.

"We need to protect him and make him happy and safe " hobi said breaking the hug.

"Let's go to the room and we can continue this conversation." Jin said giving a weak smile still hugging the youngers not wanting to let go.

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But y'all have to check this yoonkook ff out its so sweet I cried and loved it sm it barely has any reads and deserves more it's so good please read and it only took me like 30 min to read so pls check out..

https://my.w.tt/bDricdSSzM (it's called ' jungkook is different' by - sereinnnvevo


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