1️⃣Begginers luck

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[The Joker has created a chatroom]

[The Joker has invited Harley]

[The Joker is now Joker]

Harley: Mr.J why are you talking to me on a chatroom if I'm sitting right next to you?

Joker: I'm bored so I decided to make a chatroom.

Harley: Oh. So are we gonna kill b-man?

Joker: Not yet

[Joker has invited Riddler]

Riddler: What do you want Joker?

Joker: Wanna help me kill Batman?

Riddler: Sure, but I must warn you that if we do kill Batman, Selina will kill us.

Joker: I'm aware of that

Harley: Ooh!!! I know what to do!!!

Joker: What?

Harley: I can shoot her in the head!

Joker: You would do that to one of your best friends?

Harley: I'd do it for you puddin'; )

Joker: Baby, your the best

Riddler: Please don't start to talk all mushy!

Joker: Oh shut up! At least I've got a girl, unlike you with your little sidekicks that you keep giving booty calls to.

Riddler: O_O How do you know that?

Joker: I'm psychic!

Riddler: No, I'm being serious! How do you know!

Joker: That reminds me! Why so serious? :)

Riddler: That's so corny!

Joker: No you're corny!

Riddler: What does that even mean?


Riddler: I think you need therapy...

Joker: NO, I'm not going back to therapy :S

Riddler: Why not?

Joker: I've been scarred for life

Riddler: Do tell

Joker: The therapist made me watch a documentary about clowns

Riddler: So?


Riddler: Um.... You are a clown...

Joker: Shut up -_-

Riddler: Just saying

Joker: Well, I don't need you anymore!

[Joker has kicked Riddler]

Joker: Let's go rob a bank!

Harley: Ok, can I bring the hyenas?

Joker: Yes

Harley: Thank you!

[Harley has logged off]

[Joker has logged off]

[Two-face has turned off invisibility]

[Penguin has turned off invisibility]

Two-face: What did I say!!! They're not going to kill Batman, Joker is only bluffing

Penguin: Yes I see that now

Two-face: That'll be a thousand bucks in cash, please

Penguin: I hate bets with you. We start out with five bucks and then you add interest

Two-face: Pay up already and stop stalling! I need that money to go buy cosmetics

Penguin: Are you going to try and become beautiful or something?

Two-face: Maybe

Penguin: Well it'll take a lot of makeup to fix that face of yours

Two-face: Shut up! At least I don't have a pointy nose!

Penguin: It's better than never being able to blink! All you do is wink

Two-face: *cries* I know

Penguin: We both need some reconstruction done

Two-face: Yeah I'll get some surgery for my face and you can get some for your body

Penguin: -_- I was talking about my lounge and your face!

Two-face: Touché, you are your own lounge!

Penguin: That makes no sense

Two-face: Whatever. I will not put up with you anymore

Penguin: What are you gonna do about it?

Two-face: I'll call your mother and make her ground you!

Penguin: And I'll take your coin and place it in my tip jar so you'll never find it

Two-face: 0_0

Penguin: ha! I just won this battle!

Two-face: You may have won the battle but next time luck will be on my side!

Penguin: You said it wrong genius

Two-face: How?

Penguin: It's "You might have won the battle but I will win the war"

Two-face: OOOOH that reminds me I have to go buy the whole star wars DVD set.


Two-face: How are you gonna do that if I get to the store by the time you send your men to buy it all

Penguin: I have my ways

Two-face: I'm about to pay for my box set rn :)

Penguin: We'll see about that!

Two-face: Fine! We will!!!

[Two-face has logged off]

Penguin: Man that guy is annoying. I've got to get better friends! NOW TO FIND HIM AND THAT STAR WARS SET!

[Penguin has logged off]

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