Chapter 16

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Ya girl Allison eXtra woke in this chapter because she deserves it. This chapter gonna be either really long or spilt into two.

He ran and ran, sprinting down the middle of the street. Of course his abnormally fast running may have drawn suspicion from people outside, but he didn't care. Stiles didn't know where he was going, he was just following wherever Scott's scent took him. After running many miles Stiles found himself running towards Allison's front door. Knocking hadn't even crossed his mind, he just broke the doorknob and barged into the house recklessly.

"Scott? Scott!" Stiles shouted, his voice echoing through the large home. Running around he found Scott and Allison laying on the couch together. Allisons fingers playing with Scott's fluffy hair. Stiles was jealous, only for  the fact that he couldn't rest like them, and have his hands in Scott's hair. Scott sat up quickly. Watching as Stiles breathed heavily.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Scott asked in a frantic.

"They're starting. They're raising hell soon. Like soon, soon! They almost started today and I tried to hold them off. I lied and told them I was too weak and they told me come back when I was stronger, so I ran off and came here," he spoke so fast Scott almost didn't catch any of it. Allison sure as hell didn't get anything out of that.

"Woah, woah, slow down! We'll figure something out," the alpha tried to assure the other but nothing was getting through to him. All Stiles could think about was everyone around him dying or being possessed by demons. It's was a scary thought in his mind but he couldn't get it out of his head.

"I don't know what to do, Scott. I'm scared," his voice was broken as he spoke.

"Stiles, we'll do something, we always do. And you know I'm not afraid to kill someone with my bare hands," Allison spoke up from behind Scott. All seriousness in her voice. They all knew Allison Argent didn't play around when it came to protecting people.

"We're going to stop them," Scott said. A sudden rage awakened in Allison. An anger she's never felt before. Allison felt vengeful, with all the things they've put Stiles through. Stiles was like a brother to her. And no one fucks with family. She didn't just want to stop them, she wanted to hurt them. Bring them pain and torture them in the worst ways imaginable. In her eyes it's what they deserve.

"You go ahead and stop them Scott," The two looked at the huntress with furrowed brows, seeing the crazed fiery look in her eyes, they knew she was up to no good. Allison stood straightening her clothes.

"I'm going to kill them," they stayed frozen at her words. Not really knowing what to say to that. They watched as she walked up stairs to her room coming down minutes later with weapons she had in her room. They stood following her out to her garage where every weapon known and unknown were placed. It was confusing to watch her go around getting all these things they'd never seen before. Allison grabbed her bow and arrow, a crossbow, and many different knifes. She smiles sinisterly as she spun fingerknives in her hands.

"Perfect," she muttered. Scott and Stiles where completely scared stiff of this side of Allison and hope no situation will ever have to come down to Allison going huntress crazy. After she was finished getting as many things as she could put on her she stared at the weaponry again making sure there wasn't anything she needed. It clicked in her heads the final thing she had to do.

"Follow me," she passed them leading the way again. The three made their way down the basement, a place no one except an Argent has every been before. There was an area, a special area where her and her Father made their own weaponry.

"The Argents  go way back to when Hell and the Devil where discovered. Ancestors of Argents used weapons to defeat them. I'm sure this would work just fine,"

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