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Beautiful memories always manage to make you happy

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Beautiful memories always manage to make you happy. Anika and Nirav had spent a quality time during their trip which brought them more closer strengthening their bond. On the immediate next day of their return, Anika had decided to bring up the topic of her job in a hope to get a positive response from her in-laws. During the dinner that night, when everyone was busy relishing the food, Anika cleared her throat in an attempt to get everyone's attention.

"Mom, dad, I know I had asked this to you before as well, and gonna ask this again, can I resume my working now? Please."

Asha looked at Vijay as if Anika had asked them for their half property. Choosing her words carefully, Asha said,

"My dear child, why do you need to work? Look at you, look at your life, you both are so happy. Why do you even want to work? Plus now you guys must be planning to have to your own kid. And kids need attention. Of course, you won't be able to work after having kids. So better drop the idea."

"But mom...." But before Nirav could continue what he was saying, Anika slowly put her hand on his, slightly squeezing it as a sign to tell him not to say anything. The rest of the dinner went off silently. No one dared to speak a word in the fear of starting a battle in the house itself. After dinner, once Anika was done cleaning the dishes, she entered her bedroom just to find Nirav busy doing something on her laptop which was strange because he never did that before. He had never used her laptop before that day. She approached him. But he closed the laptop immediately.

"What were you doing on my laptop?", she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, my laptop is having some issue and had to send an urgent mail, so using yours. By the way, keep the habit of logging out of your email account. You never know, someone can misuse it.", he simply answered

"Oh yes right. I was checking my emails today afternoon but remembered some urgent work, and without logging out, I just closed it in a hurry.", she said smiling sheepishly.

"That's okay. But do remember from next time." 

"Yes, boss."

And before the conversation went ahead, Anika's phone beeped. She kept staring at her phone without even blinking her eyes. She read and re-read the mail on her phone. The mail read the following :

To: Anika Rane

Subject: Request for admission and scholarship for The Harvard University approved.

Dear Student,

We went through your last mail for the admission in our university i.e. The Harvard University. You have clearly mentioned that due to some unavoidable personal reasons you couldn't join the university on the allocated time. After discussing with the heads of our university, we came to a conclusion that we would treat you as a special case and allow you to join the university now also. But the only condition for that is that you have to join the university within the span of 7 days maximum as you have already missed the few weeks of the course and if you will miss some more then it will be difficult for you to cope up. 

We would be glad to admit such a brilliant student in our university. Also, your request for the scholarship is granted which will include all your college fees.

Hope to see you soon.

~Harvard University  

She stood there dumbfounded not knowing what was exactly going on. They said that they went through her last mail, but as far as she remembered, she never sent them an email. She checked her sent emails and found one sent almost twenty-five minutes ago explaining why she couldn't join the university on the allocated time and asking whether their admission letter was still valid for her. She shifted her gaze from her phone screen to her husband.

"Nirav, why did you sent the mail to Harvard University regarding my admission letter? You know its not possible for me now to go there.", she asked when she finally realized it was him who sent that mail.

"Who said it's not possible? And wait, did they revert back to the mail?", he asked excitedly.

She showed him the mail and he was overjoyed after reading that. He held her by her shoulders and twirled her around the room merrily. He never wanted to be the reason for her unfinished dreams.

"Nirav...", said Anika worriedly.

"Anu, I am so so so happy!", Nirav chirped merrily.

Still, in a worried tone, Anika continued, "But its too late for this Nirav. I can't go there for like two whole years leaving you. Plus if I'll go, it will hurt your parents. They would be so angry with me. How can I go in search of my happiness by making everyone else unhappy? How Nirav, how?"

"Anu! It will hurt them surely, but have they ever realized how much they are hurting you? What they did to me, the same they are doing to you. They think that they can always make us do what they want, which is wrong, totally wrong. It's your life, you have the full right to do what you actually want, and not what others want. Did you get it? Now start the preparations, you have to be there within seven days. I guess you will have to leave in four days maximum. I'll check for the tickets available and you make the list of the things which you will need to take there. We have very less time with us.", he tried explaining her.

"Nirav, I don't know how to thank you for all this. But, your parents will hate me if I go. Also, I am so used to being with you, it will be very difficult for me."

"Anu, you think all this is easy for me? Of course, it's not. I know how I have convinced my heart to let you go away from me. But its just the matter of two years, then we will be together forever. Plus, we will be talking over the phone daily, so we won't miss each other much. And about my parents or yours, leave all that to me. I am here, I'll manage them. You just focus on your dream.", he said patting her back trying to motivate her to take that big step.

By the time Nirav completed saying his last sentence, Anika's eyes were filled with tears. She was speechless. All she could do was hug him tightly and cry uncontrollably. 


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